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Following Up on Options

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Well, things are still pretty damned grim for the bears. Even though the morning started off looking like we’d get a break, with the ES down 9 at the time, both crude oil and the small caps have hoisted everyone back into the green.

One notable exception is a stock I highlighted a few days ago for those considering buying put options – – Amazon (alongside this was Baidu). Both of these have stayed obediently beneath their resistance zones, and AMZN in particular is having a nice little tumble, even on a green-everywhere-else day like this one.


In any case, the market continues to be very disappointing for the bears (and I’m not even sure if I should be using the plural anymore; I’m probably the only one left) until all the excitement about forthcoming central bank intervention is past us. I remain annoyed.


Let’s Put It This Way…….

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I have a couple of short ideas which are interesting options opportunities as well (by way of a long put positions). There are a couple of reasons I mention options, which I normally don’t do: (1) both of these stocks have lofty triple-digit price values, which gives them a lot of “juice” in raw dollar terms to the downside (2) the price for volatility is relatively low these days.

In other words, I wouldn’t dare put up a post suggesting put options on a day like, say, February 11th, when the VIX was in the 30s (it’s about half that value now).

Anyway, here they are – Baidu and Amazon; I’ve tinted the gaps for each.


AAPL: Who Knew???

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In Chicago we have a saying – the tape doesn’t lie.

Check out the open interest for the February 2016 option contracts on AAPL prior to earnings today.  This snapshot was taken at approximately 11:28AM ET on January 26 (the morning before the earnings release) and AAPL was trading right around $100 at the time.  Open interest suggests many permabulls were loading up in the days leading up to Tuesday’s earnings release.

Then, check out the disparity in put option contract volume today.  Who knew?


Where will AAPL head on Wednesday?  The market maker move was anticipated at roughly +/- $6 above or below that nice round $100 level.  What will AAPL do on Wednesday?  Who knows.