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Wall Street Feels the Bern

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Hillary Clinton, Wall’s Street’s lap dog (I was going to write “whore”, but I get slammed for such things, so I wisely decided on a different word), shows how forceful she has been dealing with the likes of Lloyd Blankfein and Jamie Dimon. She said………and I quote………..”Cut it out!”

If we have the horrid misfortune of this wretched person becoming our President, you can expect more fiery rhetoric aimed at Wall Street, like “Knock it off”, “Stop, you guys!” and “Thanks for the six-figure speaking fee!” What a disgusting, criminal, money-grubbing hypocrite. Here’s the clip from last night’s debate. The Moral Man is on the left. The Anti-Christ on the right.

Open Letter to Charles Koch and Glenn Beck

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Contributed by Sloper Stephan Davied:

It seems that neither of you are ardent supporters of Donald Trump. This open letter is intended to ask you to rethink that position.

Support for Donald Trump has proven to be consistently strong over this election cycle. Even though he seems to make crucial mistakes with his mouth, which has upset many Hispanics and Muslims his popularity only grows. Apparently many people have found a reason to support him, so the question really is why and more importantly why can’t you?


My Presidential Election Prediction

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I don’t talk about politics much here on Slope, but it’s a topic I find of great interest. Since 2016 is a U.S. Presidential election year, we’re going to be absolutely buried in news, debates, advertisements, attacks, counter-attacks, and hip-deep in B.S.

I think the result of the election is actually pretty straightforward, since its outcome is dependent on the state of the world around us. From my point of view:

Political Unity…An Oxymoron

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Some things never change…I wonder if they ever will? Case in point, my post of November 7th, 2012…still seems relevant today, except the U.S. National Debt has now reached $18.6 Trillion and there are even deeper differences, not only between Democrats and Republicans, but also within these parties (on issues such as the refugee crisis, as one example).

I repeat:

“The war between its own political parties is a greater threat to America 

than any threat from its enemies.”

I’ve stopped hoping and am simply waiting to see action now…but am not holding my breath on this…perhaps the next generation will figure things out if ours isn’t smart enough to do so…some legacy, eh?