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Well, that was embarrassing. Within about 4 minutes of the debate starting, I figured it was all over for Trump. By about the minute #20, I shut off the television. I just couldn’t take it anymore. If you want a quick rundown, here are top ten memorable moments. As for me, I think the last meaningful chance for a real sell-off in the market disappeared with this debate, and as the ES plainly shows, the market considers President Pantsuit the hands-down winner. Three cheers for the status quote and another term for Obama. She’s going to win.


One and Done

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Yikes. I think he’s toast at this point. I couldn’t watch it past the first twenty minutes. I was live-tweeting from my iPhone on my sofa, and this pretty much tells the tale:


The ES zoomed 8 points higher based on his performance so far (from a -5 deficit to over +3 now). It’s a shame. I guess Obama gets a third term after all. This debate – – at least the first 20 minutes that I could tolerate – – was just embarrassing.

Mixed Pheelings

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Ahoy there from seven miles above California. I am winging my way back to my cherished Palo Alto, having enjoyed another weekend of fencing tournaments in which my beloved children did very well, thank you very much.

As you know, I am terrifically excited about the first debate on Monday night. My dear son and I have been practically counting the hours. Some people puzzle over why I would “waste my time” on such a thing. I assure you, I have the exact same feelings about every spectator sport known to man.

The countless millions of hours and billions of dollars that get sunk into baseball, football, soccer, basketball, and all the rest of it has never made sense to me. As for fencing, which is also a sport, I would say two things: (a) my family members are active participants (b) God knows it isn’t a spectator sport. I still don’t know what’s going on.