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The Month of Trade Prior to a Presidential Election Since 1992

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Due to some of the speculation around the slope about the effects of an election on the market, I decided to look at the last 20 years of elections.  They’re a pretty mixed bag among the lot.  Some were steadily uptrending the month prior, some were in choppy ranges, and some sold off for a couple weeks and rallied right back.

I sum it up to useless data.  No edge there.  Carry on as if wasn’t happening.

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Post-P_ssy Pre-Debate Motion

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Well, here I am in downtown Detroit, awaiting the debate. The prospect of President Pantsuit has excited the ES and NQ since corrupt markets (equities) love corrupt people (Hillary). It’s as simple as that.


One flicker of hope for me is crude oil, which is extending its weakness from Friday. Energy shorts are by far my heaviest concentration, so the weaker oil is, the better things are for me.



2020 Vision

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In less than a month, we will know who our President will be for the next four years (cough President Pantsuit cough cough). Way back in January, my post about the election stated simply: “Hillary Clinton will win the election if things more or less, kinda sorta stay the same. In other words, the status quo begets the status quo.”

In case you didn’t notice, over the nine months since I did that post, things have sorta kinda stayed the same. Central bankers still control the world. Lloyd Blankfein and Jamie Dimon are billionaires that will never be charged with a crime. Hillary and Bill can act with impunity. Nothing has changed. No big terrorist attacks. No financial panic has been allowed. It’s all……the same.