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Schumer to Yellen: Keep Blowing That Bubble!

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Good old Chuck, too much is apparently not nearly enough. Chuck wants ZIRP-infinity stating that Ms. Yellen should “be careful” about raising interest rates.

Here’s what Sen. Charles Schumer wants to tell Janet Yellen on Tuesday

He ostensibly thinks that a lack of job growth is the “overwhelming problem” facing the economy. I think Chuck’s straw man is starting to come apart at the seams as the hay that stuffs it pops out in an embarrassing display. (more…)

If HFT Algo’s Were People They’d Be Perp Walked

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Suddenly the world is a buzz with the revelations that High Frequency Trading (HFT) may be doing more than actually harming the markets, it might be destroying the illusion they still are markets.

This past Sunday the world at large was introduced that maybe, just maybe, something was amiss in the financial markets. However, anyone with more than a passing interest in business, finance, and a little common sense could feel in their gut that something just wasn’t copacetic.

Between the Federal Reserves massive QE experiment amplified by the arms race of algorithmic technologies (aka HFT) to shave off a piece of that pie for themselves has been nothing more than breathtaking. (more…)

The Zombie Apocalypse Is Near!

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Of course the MSM is all up in arms about ‘evil’ Russia deploying troops in Crimea (it’s in Southern Ukraine – a peninsula of Ukraine located on the northern coast of the Black Sea). And the usual suspects are spinning at max hype velocity fully expecting all this to trigger WW3. I guess I better start stacking up on beans and bullets. Oh wait – my arsenal is all packed in long term storage over in Los Angeles – bugger!