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Pro Cras

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Just to show how content creation is always on my mind, here’s this anecdote: last night, I had a dream about meeting famed comedian Patton Oswalt at a bar (yes, normal men have dreams of meeting beautiful supermodels; me, I dream of meeting comedians). In the dream, I persuaded a reluctant Patton to take a photo with me. He was a relatively good sport about it, even though this request happened to him constantly.

The dream was so vivid, that when I woke up, I was relieved to have an easy post for the blog, since I had this really cool picture of me and Patton Oswalt. After a few moments, I realized – – whoops – – there was no meeting, and there is no picture, so…… post. Aww, screw it, here’s a bad fake:



Slope Contest 2016

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It’s been a while since we’ve had a good ol’ fashioned Slope Contest. What better event than the upcoming presidential election in just under 100 days. (Tuesday November 8th in case you were wondering).

So, the rules are simple… you must post your guess on this post. It must be timestamped no later than Friday August 5th. You may not edit your comment after August 5th since we won’t be able to tell what you edited even if it was just to fix a typo.

No added commentary! This is not meant to open up a discussion/debate/pissing match, it’s only to have a little fun.


Drag Race

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I watched Trump’s speech last night, and although I’m certainly not going to get into politics here on Slope, I do want to at least note this: when he mentioned in carefully enunciated letters LGBTQ I had one of those “whoa!” type moments.

To be clear, I certainly have no quarrel with his (ostensible) expression of support. But can you imagine teleporting back to, say, the 1984 Republican convention and telling those folks from not-that-long-ago that their candidate in 2016 would proclaim his support for…………..transvestites? (I know the term is “trans-gender”, but we’ll use a more 1984-ish type term).

It’s bizarre enough that a real estate developer and reality television star is this close to the most powerful office on the planet. Pandering to cross-dressers, though – – – pretty wild stuff! One can only imagine what groups will be embraced in 2020.

U.S. Presidential Election Target for the SPX

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Each candle on the SPX chart below represents 1/4 of one year. 

Further to my post of June 27th, and, as shown on the following updated 20-Year Quarterly chart of the SPX, the 2016 Q2 candle closed today at a higher level than — on what was a previously potential bearish hanging man — the Q1 candle. This bearish reversal warning was not confirmed.

Instead, what we’re left with, at the moment, is a wide-range high-base consolidation for the past 6 quarters, with price now near all-time highs.