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Before He Was President

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Years before he announced his candidacy in 2015, Donald Trump was the honoree (if you want to call him that) of a Comedy Central Roast. I’m not sure how many years ago it was, but whenever it was, Trump was already saying he wanted to run for President, and the comedians spent a lot of time poking fun at that prospect. (Little did they know……..) Here’s one of them, Jeff Ross, and there are shots of Melania and Ivanka in the audience as well.

Perception, Persuasion, Repetition and Opportunity

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The amount of negative press coverage emanating from Washington in relation to President Trump since his election last November has been relentless and, at times, apoplectic. This is simply my unbiased observation, as I do not condone or condemn any of it.

So far, the equity markets have ignored the rants from the media and political opponents. The SPX is hovering at all-time highs, as shown on the following Monthly chart, and has gained 12.2% since the election, as shown on the percentages-gained graph below of the Major Indices. (more…)

BDI Votes Marine Le Pen into Office!

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The French Connection Election:

Saturday afternoon, The Greek Goddess and I strolled over to the French Consulate on Fifth Ave & 75th Street so that BDI could exercise his fellow Frog voting rights. We were intent on taking a few pictures in order to mark and record the decidedly important occasion.  I had determined that my better half should snap the images, as I surmised that it might be a dicey proposition to take photos inside the consulate during the scrutinized voting procedures, an attractive distinguished blonde would likely have a better shot at getting away with it than a thick-headed ticked-off tadpole. (more…)