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How to Spin a Bomb

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I guess I’m past the point of pretending there’s a decent bone left in my body. Whenever I see news of another nuclear bomb test or missile launch, I stand on my chair and cheer. Anything – ANYTHING – to get this market to fall. So long as it doesn’t hit Palo Alto.

Now that I’ve finished being charming, I’ll mention the obvious, which is that, as of this moment, the ES and NQ are weaker and gold is stronger thanks to Kim returning to his shenanigans. Until this chubby, hairless blob of a man-child actually starts blowing things up besides fish in the Pacific, this dips are going to get tinier and tinier.

Hopefully Trump’s chiding and poking will push  him over the edge. Of course, Trump has a HUGE incentive to send Kim into a frenzy, since that would be the perfect, made-to-order distraction from anything pesky Mueller might serve up.



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Over the past month, there’s a boring, tedious pattern that seems to be repeating itself:

(1) The impoverished, backwards, freakish hermitage known as North Korea threatens the world with some ill-conceived rumblings about a nuclear weapon;

(2) Worldwide markets (with ever-decreasing size) have a knee-jerk reaction;

(3) When it’s clear that Kim Jung Un is completely full of crap, for the 398th time, things go back to normal within a few days (or hours……) and the market goes to new lifetime highs.

We’ve got round three of this going right now on this holiday weekend……. (more…)

When Will the Gods Strike?

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This morning, the POTUS (who I suppose is closely monitoring GLOBEX quotes on the YM) tweeted this out:


My first remark is……….the mainstream media seldom mentions? Actually, no, he’s right. I don’t think anyone in the mainstream media has said word one about equities for the past two or three years. It’s especially bizarre that CNBC makes no mention of the daily lifetime highs, since you would expect them to be kind of focused on it. Its mostly smalltalk and puzzlement as to why Gartman only seems to own three ties.