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Remembering Happier Times

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Sigh. I’m feeling sentimental, so I thought I’d put up some bear porn and share the first ten minutes of the Nightly Business Report from October 19, 1987. A similar drop today would be about 4,000 points off the Dow in a single session. These days, a 1% drop in the market causes the government to freak out and just throw another trillion dollars of “money” at the market. How I miss days like these…………enjoy! (and take note of all the sponsors of the show which don’t exist anymore):


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Perhaps some of you might think this post’s title represents equity symbols, much in the same way our friend Ryan Mallory offers. Nope. They are the initials spelling out the completely pissed-off obscenities that are bouncing around in my head.

Today is just like yesterday in three respects. ONE, equities dropped hard, pushing up my profit tremendously. TWO, Yellen & Company rushed in to prop up the market yet again, bidding up prices, smashing my profits down. And THREE, oil is completely saving my ass (and my profits). But because of #2 (a digit that often leaps to mind when thinking of Janet Yellen), my profit is a shadow of its former self. Again, just like yesterday.

I’m ready to choke somebody to death.


This Year for the Bears

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The short-selling fund, symbol HDGE, sums it up nicely. The year was fantastic for the bears………for a little while. Every since February 11, which feels like about fifty years ago, it’s been a complete shit-show. I’m starting to think it’s going to be this way in perpetuity.


The killer is that there is a plethora of amazing short setups for individual stocks, but none of them are going to amount to jack squat as long as the market keeps getting drifted higher day after day. It’s a drag.

Neo Rio

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My pre-dawn dog walks are the closest thing I get to meditation, and as I walked this morning, something occurred to me: for the months leading up to the Olympics, ZeroHedge posted dozens upon dozens of articles about how catastrophic it was going to be. Everyone was going to get the Zika virus. Everyone was going to be held at gunpoint. There would be Islamic terrorists. The water was going to get everyone deathly sick. And on and on and on.



A Treasure Trove of Nuggets From the MSM

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It is summer slack season, with no FOMC meeting in August and so into the void go our friends in the mainstream media, with all sorts of noise to distract investors. Here’s one that was anticipated…

Fed should raise interest rates this year, Williams says

From NFTRH 406 (July 31), after the July FOMC meeting in which they fretted about inflation not being high enough (ha ha ha):

“Yes yes, I know the Fed does not see enough inflation yet. And that is just the point. They told us last week that there is not enough inflation and damned if they are not going to keep trying to promote it. It is also worth considering that while they will probably send various expectations managers to their assigned microphones, there is no meeting in August and there is a lot of room for asset price appreciation between now and September 21, per their wishes I assume (by their policy inactions and their inflationary words).

What they didn’t tell us is that they are not stupid (misguided in my opinion, but not stupid) and they know that something built on inflation (metaphor: a substance with opiate-like qualities) must have ongoing inflation (opiates) in order to keep the markets (metaphor: patient) stable. Withdrawal of these substances would mean a come-down and financial detox that would seem like hell on earth to those who think any of this is normal or organic in anyway (like a Keynesian intellectual, for instance).

The game of Whack-a-Mole is ongoing and institutionalized. It is an exciting time to be an investor a casino patron. But we need to be aware of things like the music stopping, how many chairs there are when the music stops and our own egos, bias and limitations.”