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Peak Palo Alto

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The good people of my fair city are getting slack-jawed over real estate. Even with interest rates rising (should SHOULD diminish any asset that depends so heavily on debt), prices just keep getting crazier. Right on the front page this morning is a 900 square foot shack in a crappy part of town that sold for two and a half million bucks, way over the asking price.



O Canada

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Since apparently our northern neighbor didn’t learn anything from the folly of the U.S. between 2002 and 2006, they have engaged in their own nutty real estate mania. Countless seminars and get-rich-quick schemes are cluttering the landscape, and I think we all know how this movie is going to end. For myself, I’ve taken to shorting those with a financial interest in this bubble, and my best winner so far is the Bank of Montreal.