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Real Estate’s Strength

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The ETF symbol DRV, shown below, is a triple-bearish instrument which has a well-formed head and shoulders pattern. The fact that it retraced to the neckline perfect and is now again retreating just strengthens the view that real estate – - which looked pretty much doomed in the financial crisis – continues to thrive. For now………


Two Point Six Million

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There are bubbles everywhere, and just about the only one indirectly benefiting me is the one in Palo Alto residential real estate. I bought my house in 1991 for about 15% of its current value, and the market could utterly crash around here and I wouldn’t feel a thing. The people paying five, six, or seven million dollars for a house (not a mansion………a house) could be deeply regretting their decision down the road. (more…)

Unreal Estate

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Well, my goofy-ass idea to short SRS (the ultra-bearish real estate ETF) based on its head and shoulders pattern is actually panning out, which means that real estate………of all things………..just keeps getting stronger. (Fun fact: I see signs around town for a real estate development company called, of all things, SRS).


Vornado Bullish Breakout

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Who would have thought a few years ago that real estate would once again be such a king, but it seems to be the case. One look at the ultrabearish-on-real-estate symbol SRS will put a chill through your spine, since it has fallen on a split-adjusted basis from $4,100 to, um, nineteen bucks. One particularly good-looking chart in this sector is shown below: