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A Focus on Energy

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What I had planned on doing this afternoon was a post of about a dozen terrific energy-related stocks that are good short candidates, but ProphetCharts is almost unusable at the moment. I only managed to get one chart out of it before it stopped fetching them. I sometimes feel like I’ve allowed my child to be adopted, and when I run into the youngster a few years later, it’s become a juvenile delinquent. Sad.

Anyway, the one chart I managed to fetch before ProphetCharts starting puking all over its data servers was Energen, shown below. It’s very typical of energy stocks these days:

(a) a former smooth run-up;
(b) a clean series of lower highs, separated by violent V-shaped recoveries
(c) its current price is, shall we say, lofty in relation to its history as a whole.



Shorting Shoes

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In case there are still any people lunatic enough to short into this insane market, I have an idea for you to consider: Discount Shoe Warehouse. It fell hard yesterday, and I told myself if it ever rallied back to its gap, I’d like to short it. Well, that didn’t take long, because the very next day (that would be today: the math checks out) it did rally, so I’m short.