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Broken Wings

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I have been traveling since Thursday (I’m usually active enough that people can’t tell, so I didn’t make a big stink about it this time), but it is sort of like blogging with one arm tied behind my back.

Anyway, the retard-o-thon of the fake “market” continues unabated, although virtually all of my 36 shorts are profitable (they were 36 for 36 earlier in the day, but the idiot government-funded fucktards stepped in). Anyway, one of these shorts is Buffalo Wild Wings, purveyors of fried, sticky-sauced garbage to the grotesque American palate and our morbidly obese lower-middle class. I suspect they, like everything else out there, is doomed, sooner or later.

Have a nice day.


AIG Support Failure

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One of my financial shorts is none other than bailout queen AIG, shown below with scumbug who should burn in hell for all eternity Joe Costello. For the short-memoried among you, he’s the asshole who got paid hundreds of millions of dollars, while the stupid taxpayers (that’s us) bailed out this worthless firm to the tune of half a trillion dollars.

Lesson: cheat everyone you can, and cheat big. There ARE no consequences.

God is dead.