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Using the SlopeCharts Earnings Mode

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From The Director: Tim has graciously offered to work together with me to develop charting tools that can aid the testing and design of new pre and post earnings approaches in using options to make profitable investing strategies.

Other services have benefited from using past data (both options and underlying data) to generate probabilities for certain movements in underlying stock. We can utilize these probabilities to generate option strategies, backtest the same strategies, and offer a framework wherein we trade these strategies prospectively, which can aid the keen investor.

None of what we discuss here should be construed as a trade recommendation or advice, but rather look at this tutorial as a tool you can use to improve your trading. (more…)

Expiration Charts!

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I have an extremely cool new feature for you SlopeCharts folks out there: earnings dates charts. This will be of particular interest to you options traders. Allow me to explain………..

What we’ve done is merged together historical stock data with earnings announcements so you can see how a stock behaves as it approaches its earnings day. By default, we show you every day for twenty days in advance of earnings, as well as the day of and the day after earnings (you can change how many days via a dropdown). Using it, as with all things SlopeCharts, is simple. Just choose the Earnings Dates item from the new Chart Mode menu item:


SlopeCharts In Action

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I had a recent experience with Slopecharts that I wanted to share, since it is illustrative of how some very simple functions built into the program can produce powerful results.

I have a watch list called ETFs which contains 80 symbols of popular ETF symbols like SPY, TLT, QQQ, and so forth. Because these instruments have been so important to my trading, I wondered to myself if there were other interesting symbols that I wasn’t yet following.

One Google search later, I was on a page that had the biggest 100 funds, and I simply copied this table text and pasted it into Excel.

s1 (more…)

The Well-Adjusted Chart

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Someone asked me on Twitter if I’d seen a surge in subscriptions lately. I sure have! It’s either feast or famine for me. Along with this fantastic selloff, which has done wonders for my portfolio, my little business of Slope is also thriving!

So in order to encourage more of you to subscribe (you can learn about the PLUS membership here), I have added yet another two cool new features to SlopeCharts: Unadjusted Data and Earnings Information.

As most of you know, the chart data is back-adjusted to take into account splits and dividends. This means the chart avoids the kinds of “gaps” you might see if you just blithely chained the historical price data today. However some people WANT unadjusted data, perhaps to review historical trades at the prices they really took place at, etc. I’m pleased to say you can now choose between adjusted and unadjusted data with a simple checkbox in the Preferences:

userprefs (more…)

Instant Karma? Instant Trendlines!

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I am de-diddly-de-lighted to announce yet another awesome feature in my beloved SlopeCharts platform: Instant Trendlines!

“But wait a moment, Tim! You already created Automatic Trendlines for your beloved PLUS users. What’s the deal?”

Well, thanks to a suggestion from one of SlopeCharts’ fans, this is something totally new. The user wanted to know if we could make trendlines show up automatically without him having to ask for them. We gave it some thought and have developed a beautiful new addition for PLUS users, who already enjoy the automatic trendlines feature. Here’s the new checkbox:

display (more…)

The Perfect Ten

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If I were to make a list of the things I want to write about, at the BOTTOM would be this stupid market, and at the TOP would be SlopeCharts. So – – get used to it – – you’re going to be hearing about my new favorite product a lot. At least until common sense returns.

Instead of doing a post of charts that would literally be about five feet tall, I’m going to provide you with the clean, simple URLs that will provide you ten really fascinating charts from the SWELL system. Just click any of these to see it in all its SlopeChartian glory. Enjoy!