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Hey, That’s SWELL!

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My life revolves about SlopeCharts (both as a user and as a developer), and I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited to announce something new in this product. I call it SWELL (Slopecharts Worldwide Economic Library Lists), and it provides access to an ungodly amount of economic data (literally hundreds of thousands of items)  that in some cases goes back hundreds of years. Simply stated, the size of the SlopeCharts database just went up about a hundred-fold.


FRED Is Coming to SlopeCharts

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It’s been relatively quiet in SlopeCharts-land lately, but that’s because the elves and I are hard at work on the latest new data release: the entire FRED database.

This is a mountain of data, dwarfing anything I’ve ever worked with before. We are going to have literally hundreds of thousands of new charts that open up an entirely new dimension to the product. If you haven’t tried SlopeCharts yet, please do so (it’s free……) and stay tuned for the launch!

Those Scheming Kids!

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Oh, no. Not another SlopeCharts improvement! YES! My improvements will not be stymied! So what’s the latest feature to my beloved chart platform? Color Schemes!

To change the color scheme, just go to Preferences and select from the dropdown (the one you are already using is called, of course, Classic).


Here, for instance, is Dark. Nice, eh?


One final note: the scheme you use is included in Styles, so whenever you save a style, the scheme will be part and parcel of it.

Show Unique Symbols

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Yessir, it’s another SlopeCharts improvement. On a Sunday, no less! It may be God’s day of rest, but we chartists never stop going.

We’ve added a new feature that makes your watchlists only display symbols that are found in no other watchlists that you have. There are several ways this is useful, but let me offer one example.

Let’s say you had used SlopeCharts’ “Preloaded Watchlists” feature to subscribe to the S&P 500 list. Obviously there are 500 symbols in that list, but maybe you follow a bunch of those already anyway.

longlist (more…)