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What’s the Most You Ever Lost on a Coin Toss?

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Wow! I say again: Wow! And I thought my Change in Tone post brought in a lot of response. I’ve never stirred the pot up so much as I did with my post about Slope’s business model. I appreciate – truly, truly appreciate – everyone voting, commenting, and emailing me. It was invigorating, thought-provoking, and helpful.

So here’s my big announcement. After careful consideration, here’s what I’m going to change about Slope: (more…)

A Change for Slope?

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I need your opinion to help me make an important decision, please.

Slope of Hope is 9 1/4 years old. It is as close a thing I have to a “job” in my life, and unlike most jobs, it’s a 365 days/year gig. It’s my choice, of course, to be that obsessed with the blog, and I think my obsession is a big part of what’s kept it thriving over this ridiculous span of time.

Back during the financial crisis (remember that?) I was up to my neck in advertising revenue. It was awesome enough I was virtually printing money via short-selling; the tons of cash from ads was just icing on the cake. (more…)

A Pleasant Surprise

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It probably comes as no big surprise that I was a little nervous publishing my Why We Fight post. One of the problems with being really open and honest is that it can make you vulnerable to attack (or at least severe misunderstanding). And even though I crafted my words respectfully, I was concerned that Molecool and ConvictScott might take my post the wrong way, and I was prepared to defend my point-of-view. (more…)

Best Comments Feature

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I’m pleased to announce yet another cool feature on the most feature-rich finance blog on the Internet: Best Comments. The way it works is simple: in the right column (along with the other “rotating” items you constantly see) is a new panel whose purpose in life is to show you the ten highest-rated comments over the past 7 days. Click on any of the links, and whoosh, it’ll take you to that comment in the context of the original post. This provides a great way to see what comments are garnering the most kudos from fellow Slopers.


The Marty Meme

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I have decided that whenever the market gets too annoying for words, I shall strike back the only way I know how: with the most obnoxious couple ever broadcast: Marty the creepy puppet and Ron the child-porn-loving canibal-fantasy guy. The market deserves nothing more. I used it in the comments section in the prior post, and the market instantly and obediently stopped going up and began heading lower, as God intended. Be warned, market. Marty is at my disposal.