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A Moment of Thanks

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During Slope’s nearly thirteen year history, dozens of people have contributed posts to the site. Although I’ve written most of the 20,000+ posts here, the contributions from others besides me has brought tremendous benefit, including:

  • Providing diverse thought and opinion – so that not every post is about shorting every financial instrument that has a ticker symbol;
  • Allowing me to focus on other activities, such as SlopeCharts development
  • Occasionally allowing me to have some semblance of a life outside Slope


Free PLUS For a Month

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If you have wanted to try Slope PLUS out but were waiting for a coupon, it’s your lucky day (and I’ve just put up what I think is an interesting post about market targets today). I do not issue coupons frequently. In fact, if you look at how often I’ve issued coupons for PLUS, you can see the trend is pretty clear:

2013 – 8 times
2014 – 6 times
2015 – 3 times
2016 – 2 times
2017 – 1 times

In case you are not familiar with the benefits of a PLUS membership (besides just being a good sport and supporting my hard work for the past dozen years), they are listed here. PLUS subscribers also get a variety of exclusive privileges with SlopeCharts, and that list is going to be getting much longer now that I’ve got a full-time person working on it.  (more…)

Pee Wee

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A good friend of mine (a Sloper from Mexico, and a very cool fellow overall) sent me the chart below, which illustrates the biggest drop in the S&P 500 for any given year, going way back to when Teddy Roosevelt was in office. In case anyone didn’t mention it to you already, 2017 is the most godawful year so far (for bears) in that entire century, since its drawdown is the puniest ever.


Your Brain

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I got an interesting email yesterday:

I’m a new member – and I love your site! I’ve trade stocks through my own account for years and I feel your site is a truly great resource –  which brings me to why I’m directly contacting you:  I’ve recently partnered with the University of Illinois to research what goes into a trader’s decision when they look at charts. Specifically what part of their brain is involved – and conversely what part of their brain is actually better at it.  The first test is helping establish a baseline and it involves picking a stock direction when looking at an anonymous chart – the respondent is only given one second to decide – which eliminates the participation of the prefrontal cortex. These decisions will be made with the brain stem only (subconscious). The reason I’m asking for your help is that I need participants who have spent an unhealthy amount of time looking at stock charts – thousands of hours – and I was hoping you’d have an idea about how best to reach them. I will share the results of the study with anybody who participates and none of their information will be shared or used for anything other than analyzing the results. I’ve included the link to the test (it takes about three minutes to complete) and would really appreciate any help or suggestions you have for getting it out to the community.

I readily agreed and took the survey myself, and it’s fun. Here’s the link……….. 

Dual Charts and SlopeCharts

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As most of you know, SlopeCharts is the web-based charting platform I created after the death of my former creation, ProphetCharts (killed by its purchaser, Ameritrade). I am exceptionally pleased with SlopeCharts, and I use it every day as the basis of both my trading and my writing.

SlopeCharts already satisfies all my needs, and for a while I figured I’d just leave it be and continue on my merry way. However, I made a decision recently to double down on my investment in this platform and add a lot of features that users have been requesting. Some of these features will be exclusive for PLUS users, and other features will be accessible by everyone.

I am pleased to announce the first of these new features now, and it is a PLUS exclusive: Dual Charts. This allows you to observe two charts at the same time, each with its own y-axis. Using it is a snap – – just enter the two symbols you want to chart, separated by a comma (such as AMZN,TSLA):