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Insight on Automation

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A Sloper sent me an email, which I liked so much that I asked if I could make a post out of it; he kindly agreed to this, so here you are:

I read your post Pity the Sub Genius and agreed with a lot of what you wrote. However you missed what I think is the biggest killer of middle class jobs, and that is technological innovation. For sure many companies moved production overseas for the cheaper labor but I do not believe that to be the biggest reason for job loss. I can remember all through the 90’s up until today that one of the main drivers of corporate profits was the steady, incremental increases in productivity. Many interpreted that to mean employees were working harder or faster or becoming more efficient. What it really meant was that employees were being displaced by technology and that made the work flow more efficient while bringing costs down. (more…)

Index Overview: Yellow Jacket Edition

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It’s 7:10 p.m. as I begin typing this, which means it’s beddy-bye time for a lot of folks on the East Coast already, and here I am just beginning my end-of-day wrap-up. The time is just slipping away from me lately, largely due to the sheer quantity of positions I am managing (one hundred and sixty equity shorts). Mojave has also gotten into the habit of getting me up at 4 in the morning, but I’ll try to make use of this tonight by looking at the lunar eclipse. When life gives you lemons, right?

I was originally going to do a video for this post, which is about one-fifth the work of a typed post, but I ran out of time at home and now, a la Dick Cheney, and am in a remote, undisclosed location. (more…)

Dona for Yo Bona

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What a terrific day! And, on days like this, when I suspect readers of my blog are making money 1001-begleft and right, I whip out the beggar’s bowl and ask you to show your appreciation for my hard work (Slope Plus folks have already done so, of course, by way of their subscription – – and you can join them, remember, with coupon code trickortreat and get a free month to try the service).

In any case, if you’d like to make a donation to the blog, now is your golden opportunity. This is pretty much my full-time job (for better or worse), and I’ll just push aside your local NPR station for a moment and tug on the same guilty strings that they do. Congratulations to Slopers for a great day, and I look forward to an awesome month of October. If you use Paypal, you can donate by clicking here. If you don’t have Paypal but still have the urge to donate – – donate $0 by trying out Slope Plus for a month!

Autumnal Coupon

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Things have been going so well in the wonderful world of Slope Plus that I wanted to remind those of you who aren’t subscribed about its features and urge you to subscribe here. I haven’t done this since May, but I’ve created a coupon that chops $29.95 off the price (meaning you can just use it for a month for free, or if you like, just enjoy the discount off the already-discounted annual rate). Just type in the coupon code trickortreat on the subscription page.

An example of the kind of idea I offer up on Slope Plus is shown below, which was posted just a couple of days ago. In the old times, I would have just posted this for everyone, but frankly, whenever I have a really good idea, it goes up behind the pay wall. I was illustrating a fascinating analog going on with high-yield ETFs – in particular, HYG. (more…)

Slope on the Silver Screen

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I’m a movie buff, a Woody Allen fan, and a lover of analogs, so it’s remarkable it took me this long to make the connection between Slope of Hope and the clip below. There’s no need to over-explain it, but think of me in the role of Woody Allen, Iggy as the part of the conductor, and you can fill in the rest of the Sloper names with the other passengers on the train. As for the party train on which I gaze forlornly – – – maybe that’s the CNBC car.