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Raison D’être

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Why are we here?

That’s a big question. Let’s break it down into four sub-questions.

Question One is…..why am I – – Tim Knight – – here on Slope?

I am here for a number of selfish reasons. First, I have a need to express myself. I can’t paint, I 1209-linuscan’t draw, I can’t really sing………so I write. I have been writing professionally since I wrote my first nationally-published article as a 15 year old boy, and I haven’t stopped in the many decades since. I’m a writer, and it gratifies me to share my thoughts with an audience.

I am also here for a monetary reward, albeit a relatively small one. My beloved Slope Plus subscribers constitute the vast majority of revenue here, which is why I try to give them the best I possibly can. But I also find psychic gratification in the knowledge that I’ve built a popular community here. After nearly a dozen years of doing this blog, it still amazes and humbles me that people elect to spend part of their lives here.