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Best. Day. Ever.

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Well, that was really cool. I love days like this, when all I have to do is go through my charts, one by one, and update the stops, and then, once I’m done with that, enter new positions that look enticing. Today’s profit was really terrific, and suffice it to say it was a great day to be short.

I have nothing new at all to say about the market, and this is just a comment cleaner. I’ve got a post to do later that has nothing to do with the market at all. I need to run off to a meeting. Great day today, everyone!


A Thoughtful Email

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I get emails from Slopers around the world every day of the year. Some of them stand out as particularly erudite or insightful, and the one below is one of them. The writer kindly gave me permission to share his email anonymously with all my readers (the boldface emphasis is my own):

One of the posts over the last few years, that really resonated with me was the one where you refused to make money on the long side of the market which you felt was “dishonest”. I thought that the post was so powerful that I stood up in applause on my work station. And I would have written commending you on the post had I not been neck deep in shit at that moment.


The Growing Slope

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Slope has been increasing in popularity quite a bit lately, and this has strained our servers. This morning, we initiated a process to substantially increase our capacity. If the site is down at any point this morning, it’s just a symptom of the migration. Not to worry – – the black helicopter squad hasn’t taken us down. It’ll be back to normal soon.

Proud to be a Plus

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Sharp-eyed Slopers have noticed there’s a new “badge of honor” in the comments section……


Sharp-witted Slopers further concluded that this new badge must denote those who subscribe to the beloved Slope+ service (which, I assure you, keeps this blog up and running).

If you’d like to join this gang for free (well, at least for a month), click here and use the coupon code summertime.  The “e” got chopped off in the image below, but I promise, it isn’t “summertim”. The coupon will only be valid for a few days, so act now! (Particularly since there is a really excellent post packed with great trading ideas that I did this weekend).


Director of Admissions

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This is going to be one of those “personal” posts that has nothing to do with patterns, trendlines, volume, China, Yellen, Greece, the Troika, or any of the other dozens of topics which we beat to death on a regular basis each day here on Slope.

First order of business: I’m going to be taking one of my all-to-rare vacations over the coming eight days. Old timers here know that my “warnings” about me being away rarely mean much, since I tend to keep the posts flowing fairly actively, but if you notice I’m not as around quite as much as usual, well, that’s the reason.