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Almost Unheard-Of Slope Plus Offer

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There was a time that I would offer Slope Plus promotional coupons quite frequently – – just about monthly, at one point. I stopped, however, because I didn’t want people to get accustomed to me giving a free month for a service that takes a lot of time and effort (and, frankly, is really under-priced).

It’s been fifteen months, however, since i’ve made any kind of offer, so I thought i’d brush off the old coupon system and make an offer to any of you interested in trying out Slope Plus for free. You can read about the features of Slope Plus by clicking this link, and click here to start your free subscription.

On the subscription page, enter the code summer2016 in the coupon box, as shown here:


This coupon will be usable until September 21, the last day of summer. That’s all there is to it. I hope you’ll read about the features and give it a try, since this free-for-a-month offer comes along very infrequently. Thanks!

Post Eighteen Thousand

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No, I’m not talking about the Dow. This is, in fact, the eighteen thousandth post on the WordPress platform for Slope of Hope. Incredibly, that doesn’t count the platforms Slope was on before. But Slope began its life on WordPress (having been in existence almost three years already) on February 27, 2008. And, boy, we didn’t know what was coming later that year, did we, boys and girls?

Would that the market were behaving in such a way as to inspire an easy, content-rich post analyzing its behavior. Sadly, this is not the case. It’s a testament to the Slope community that, in the face of that red-hot poker stick you see drawn below, we still have a thriving, dynamic blog on what is ostensibly (thanks to your insane host) a bearish blog. Can you possibly imagine this place during a downturn? (more…)

Following Up on that Break

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On Tuesday, I wrote this post, which declared that the ES uptrend was broken. Now I want to say two things very clearly at the outset. First off, the last couple of months have been very hard on me, and earlier this week in particular was devastatingly hard from an emotional standpoint (Northy and I were holding onto each other for dear life at times). So I confess I was reaching a bit to look for any “good news” for the bears, which was a motivation behind the post (although I absolutely was sincere about the trendline break).

Second, the comments I’m going to share below are in no way meant to disrespect or “call out” the folks replying, because they were said respectfully (and God knows I’ve been wrong more often than right in my lifetime). At the time, they did sting a bit, because – – let’s face it – – charting is my life, and if my interpretation of trendlines isn’t valid (or if trendlines themselves are pointless), well, I might as well go work in Home Depot.


The Wisdom of Slope (by Bob Kudla)

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Trading is a uniquely rewarding experience; you get to match wits with everyone else as you try to amass wealth. There is no trying, there is no second place, and excuses don’t pay the bills. So whenever you can become part of a community that equally shares your passions, goals, and ambitions,  you embrace it.  Slope is such a place.  But before anyone gets confused that this is some mushy feel good post, let me disabuse you of that notion.

You need a community like Slope. Here is why.


A Sloper’s New Enterprise

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I get emails all the time from folks asking me to promote their site or their business. I always feel sort of used when I get these, since the person doesn’t have any relationship with me and just wants some free publicity.

I received an email recently, though, from a long-time reader which struck a chord with me. He wasn’t asking for promotion – – – he was just seeking maybe an idea or two about marketing. But I felt what he was doing was so sincere, I wanted to share it with you here. Here’s the email in its entirety, although I’ve boldfaced some particular bits:

Let me first say a big thank you. I became aware of Slope during the 08/09 crisis and have followed it ever since. I don’t post often but I read the articles every day.