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Fewer Posts and More Conversation

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Although I’ve never been to a Marie Callender’s before (which may explain why I weigh well less than 300 pounds), I remember their old slogan: “Come for the food, stay for the pie.” Slope is somewhat like that: people come for the charts, but they stay for the comments.

Indeed, the comments section is the bedrock of Slope’s popularity. Morning, noon, and night, 365 days a year, people are chattering away. I’ve been getting some pushback for doing too many posts, which tends to break up conversations and spoil the rhythm. Yesterday, for instance, I counted no fewer than a dozen posts (two of which were for Slope+ members only). I agree, that’s just too many.


Top Tick Truisms

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Last Monday, I wrote a post called Top Tick Tyler, which essentially pissed and moaned about how the various “this time for sure!” reasons for the market to fall, as offered up by ZeroHedge, had collectively amounted to Jack Squat. (It is probably no coincidence that, on that very day, the Dow Industrials reached its highest level in the history of the universe).

One of my readers took the time to email me a lengthy response. I asked for permission to reprint it, which he kindly gave. Here it is, along with my response embedded in bold:

Hi Tim,

I apologize at the beginning for the length of this email. You are a swell guy, if anything here offends you, it was not my intent and I apologize even before I begin.

Interestingly enough, any time an email begins like this, it’s usually a very thoughtful and friendly missive. (more…)

Send Me Your Picture!

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This has nothing to do with charts or the markets: it’s a request.

Near the end of the month, I intend to do an epicly long post celebrating, God bless us, the 10th anniversary of the Slope of Hope. As part of that, I am toying with putting together a little video of Slopers. If you’d be so kind to send me a photo of yourself along with your screen name, I’d be pleased to include it. Just send it along to – and I thank you!


Evil Speculator 101

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So I found myself waking up last night and habitually reached for my iPad to catch up on emails and check my systems. Of course I wound up peeking at my blog as well and then for some reason decided to head over here to the Slope to see what you bears were up to these days. I have to concede that I don’t visit here often as I truly have my hands full with running my own blog, maintaining various automated systems, coding and bug fixing, attending customer support duties – and then there of course are my own trading activities. Not a weekend goes by where I do not spend a minimum of five hours working on various projects behind the scenes or am preparing for the week to come.

That doesn’t leave much time for virtual socializing as I barely manage to catch up with the comment stream over here at the lair. But I always had a soft spot for you Slopers as I used to be one way back in the early days. And for some reason that sentiment appears to be mutual as much to my surprise Tim actually mentioned me in the very post I was reading. And yes in case you wonder, it was a positive plug – deservedly so or not.


Slope Highlights 2014 (Part 3 of 3)

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Here is the third and final part of my retrospective with links to what I believe are the best posts of 2014 at Slope of Hope:

  • Technical Tools Tale – my “pre-Prophet” job experience was at a little startup in Los Altos called Technical Tools, which included a stint with a famed market wizard.
  • Mojave’s Story – I have three dogs now, and this is the story about how I found my third dog, Mojave, during the summer and adopted him into the family.
  • The King of Sooth – explaining my obsession with the deceased art instructor Bob Ross
  • My Town’s Transformation – what’s happened to my little college town of Palo Alto?
  • A Change in Tone – in which I pledge to try to be more balanced and less permabearish (ummm, it didn’t work)
  • Pity the Sub-Genius – definitely one of my favorite posts of the year, if not the entire history of the blog. It’s hard to explain; just read the damned thing.
  • Zachary – the tale of a severely-deformed man who spends his time on University Avenue here in Palo Alto
  • Shifting Sands – a post that predicted oil would follow the same stumbling tumble as gold and silver had, which it did.
  • In Perpetuity – the shock and awe from the surprise Abe announcement in late October
  • Revisiting Truth’s Moment - comparing the pickup in volatility from 2007 to what we’re seeing today
  • My MarketMax Tale – a dream job becomes a disaster for me, and I’m ultimately kicked to the curb
  • Clinkle is New Color - some high-tech startups are really stupid. Like, say, this one.

That’s it, my friends! The best of 2014! Be safe tonight, and unless you work for the Fed, please make sure you’re sober behind the wheel.

Slope Highlights 2014 (Part 2 of 3)

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(Part One from yesterday can be seen here). As 2014 sputters to its termination, I wanted to share some of what I consider to be the best posts of the year. I am immensely proud of this blog, which – – incredibly – – turns ten years old next year, and I am exceedingly grateful to those of you who has chosen to spend part of your days here on a regular basis (for some of you, almost as long as the blog as been in existence). Here is the second part of my retrospective: (more…)