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A Plus Member Speaks Out

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For those of you who aren’t quite sure whether Slope Plus provides value or not, I wanted to offer this unsolicited email (whose author kindly gave me permission to reprint) to help you in your decision. I’ve made minor edits only to protect the author’s identity and have boldfaced a few items of note.


Just wanted to stop by and say thanks. I just joined Plus this December. I am the one who had the credit card issues. I have been a Slope on and off stalker for a few years. I have a bear market personality so I am not sure if it is wise to hang with bears but the wide knowledge base is amazing. I am not near as witty as the folks there and my knowledge is small so I listen and learn and ignore the snarky stuff.

Background: I am a stay at home mom of 4 boys. I am a science teacher by trade. My boys are now grown (24,23,20,19) and I have been working part-time at an inner city school in Green Bay. The grant is geared to get students that are struggling back on track and graduated. The 4 year grant ended this spring. I am now searching for my next thing to do to make a difference.
However, my family comes first and with two of the boys in the Navy (one in Guam) and one in school in CO I want the flexibility to travel at will. While I was working, I was trading on my days off. I now trade daily if the set up is correct. I day trade with my favorite trade done in minutes. Right now I only trade 1 stock.

2016: This year I would like to become more of a swing trader. Now when I am out of the office I am in cash. I have no desire to hunt through 100s of stocks a day to find the perfect stock and you give us a variety to pick from. I am starting to go through your videos. Anyway, (sorry to be longwinded) the reason for this shout-out is to let you know I jumped in on two of your Dec. picks. SPY and SCTY. I have a small account so went small with OTM options. Between the two trades, I made +3,000. The reason I tell you this is so when people ask is Slope+ worth the money the answer is yes. Listen and learn and smart trades will come.

Thanks again.

I Am Pollyanna

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When I did this post yesterday about Zuck donating virtually his entire fortune to charity, I thought it would be a refreshing “feel good” post on what is normally kind of a grumpy, everything-is-awful kind of blog. I figured people would applaud Zuck’s generosity.

Boy, was I wrong! Almost everyone started playing Doubting Thomas and talking about how it was probably a tax dodge or something. Slopers tend to be a gentle bunch, so it didn’t get too nasty………..nothing like the comments from a similar post over on ZeroHedge; just look at these! (And take note of the upvotes):



Ignore-ance is Bliss

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Well, I think it’s time for me to say something.

Some of you know that I’ve been online longer than some of my readers have been alive. I first went online in 1982, and I’ve been on ever since. I have what I think is a strong understanding of the nature of online communities, and I’m proud of the one we have created here (particularly thanks to the comments system, which was developed by me and totally unique to the Slope of Hope).

For those of you who would like to know some important facts about the comments system, please click this link. I especially encourage lurkers (that is, non-participants) to do so.

Through the ten+ years that Slope has been around, the community has, on the whole, proved itself to be remarkably cordial, helpful, and resilient. I confess there are a few folks that hang out in comments that I’d be nervous meeting in a public place, but overall they’re a likeable bunch. (If you’d like to get a taste of the kind of hostile, packed-with-nutjobs place a financial blog comments section can be like, just read the first couple dozen of these comments on a recent ZeroHedge post).


The Method to my Madness

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I received an email today that I found somewhat troubling, and it compelled me to write this post. In the email, the reader was concerned that, in spite of my bravado declared in this weekend’s Sell and Hold post, I had (on Friday and today, that is, Monday) covered a meaningful number of my shorts and had partially retreated. She felt it wasn’t very “transparent” to state, on the one hand, that I hoped to hold onto positions for months, and yet on the other, beat a quick path to the Exit door the moment trouble arrived.

I think it would be beneficial for me to explain my style and method to help reconcile those two realities cited above, because I’m comfortable living with the paradox, and I want readers to know that I’m being forthright with them.