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Last Chance to Test

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The launch of the new Slope of Hope is, God willing, drawing close. After way more time and way more money than I ever expected, it is just about done, but I really want to make sure we get as many kinks out as possible before the launch. Please, for YOUR sake, test the site, because I will be far, far more attentive now to your weird-ass problem with your Firefox browser on a Commodore 64 than I will after we are live. I want to trace down oddities NOW, not once we’re in production. Please! With sugar on top.

The location of the new site is Go ahead and click that link to fire it up. Bang on it. Play with it. See what you can break.

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Thirteen Inglorious Years

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As of today – March 29, 2018 – Slope is a teenager.

Yes, thirteen years ago, at the prodding of a family member, I wrote my first blog post. In those days, I thought of blogs the same way I think of cryptocurrencies today – – as a fad with far too much media attention. Although I had sold my company, Prophet, just weeks earlier, I had resisted the nudges to start writing a blog in my free time, but I finally gave in. I’m glad I did.

Since this is, by definition, the thirteenth time I’ve written a “birthday” post, I was trying to think of something engaging or clever to write. I confess, I’m a bit stumped. In last year’s post, I already referenced some of the things I was considering here, such as Patton Oswalt’s birthday routine, so it’s clear I’m exhibiting a sign of age by way of repeating myself. (more…)

Sneak Peek

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For months now (and many, many dollars……..) I have been hard at work on the new Slope of Hope. I have given PLUS members a sneak peek, but I wanted to share with you its introductory video that I finished just moments ago. This video doesn’t apply to the current site, obviously, but I’m looking forward to rolling out the glorious new Slope website.

The Well-Adjusted Chart

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Someone asked me on Twitter if I’d seen a surge in subscriptions lately. I sure have! It’s either feast or famine for me. Along with this fantastic selloff, which has done wonders for my portfolio, my little business of Slope is also thriving!

So in order to encourage more of you to subscribe (you can learn about the PLUS membership here), I have added yet another two cool new features to SlopeCharts: Unadjusted Data and Earnings Information.

As most of you know, the chart data is back-adjusted to take into account splits and dividends. This means the chart avoids the kinds of “gaps” you might see if you just blithely chained the historical price data today. However some people WANT unadjusted data, perhaps to review historical trades at the prices they really took place at, etc. I’m pleased to say you can now choose between adjusted and unadjusted data with a simple checkbox in the Preferences:

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Everybody’s Talkin’

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As the Slope of Hope approaches its 13th birthday, it’s important to note that one of the most important aspects of the site – – indeed, probably THE most important aspect – – has been the comments section. Whereas the comments is an afterthought on most sites, or perhaps garners a handful of remarks for every post, Slope has gathered up literally MILLIONS of comments during the course of its lifetime (only about 10% of which are BDI telling us to blow him).

One of the oddities of Slope, which has almost become a meme, is how folks will have discussions and comments that have absolutely nothing to do with whatever post I’ve created. I was reminded of this when I did the prior post, which is a reflective, mildly-humorous post that should garner a lot of feedback, memories, and banter. Instead, people just kept talking about whatever they were talking about. That’s fine by me, but it leads me to a question that’s been on my mind……….. (more…)