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More SlopeFest Pictures

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I’ve been inundated with terrific pictures of SlopeFest (particularly from Felicia – thank you!) so wanted to share a few more. I’m sorry not to label these with names of real people, but I have three reasons for not doing so: (a) I’m being lazy and don’t want to bother (b) I am terrible with names and could only successfully label a few folks (c) I’d like to respect their identities to some degree. Of course, there are some people that are kind of obvious (like, say, Dutch). Here ya go!

0608-fest8 (more…)

SlopeFest 2015

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Another SlopeFest has come and gone, and Slopers from all over the country – – flying or driving in from places like Tallahassee, Chicago, San Francisco, Ohio, Los Angeles convened in Las Vegas (and, on Saturday Night, the Foundation Room at the top of Mandalay Bay). It was, as always, a real pleasure to put names to faces (or, more accurately, screen names to faces), and for me it was an humbling experience to hear how much the blog and the community have meant to some individuals. Here are a few snapshots from the event…… (more…)

I’m Going!

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I have been very on-the-fence about going to SlopeFest this year – – not because I don’t love seeing Slopers in person or enjoy the hospitality of the good people that put it together, but because it’s tough to get away. But I’ve decided: I’m going! So for those of you who were also on the fence about going (or who decided to go, but might want to flee in terror since I’m going to show up), now you have the facts.

Here’s the link with information about SlopeFest, by the way, composed by the inimitable Market Sniper. Perhaps I’ll see you there!

Does TA Still Work?

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On Friday morning, a trading friend of mine wrote me and asked me if I thought technical analysis worked anymore. His point – – – and it’s one I’ve considered many times – – is, in this central-banker-planned world in which we now all live, do charts have predictive value anymore? I mean, let’s face it, technical analysis had its own shaky reputation to begin with, In this modern age, with Yellen at the helm, are charts just a waste of time?


Slopefest VII by Market Sniper

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Hard to believe that we are now at Slopefest #7! Here is your chance to meet with old friends and make new ones as well. Match up real people with their on-line personas and avatars. Slopefest is scheduled for the weekend of June 6th and 7th in Las Vegas, baby! Great times were had at all past Slopefests and if there is any guarantees in this life, this time will be NO different.

Our gracious host, Mr. Tim Knight, will be there on a “best efforts” basis. Here is the scheduled itinerary for Slopefest.


Calling All Testers

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Well, I’ve dropped more hints about my “project” that a Hollywood agent drops celebrity names, so I might as well come straight out and ask for your help.

I’m looking for people to test a new mobile app I’ve been developing. This app is just one aspect of a new business I’m working on, but it’s a vital one. The requirements for beta users are simple:

  1. You need an iPhone or an iPad with a cellular connection;
  2. You should enjoy getting out and about in your town;
  3. You need to print, sign, and mail in a non-disclosure so that my project is kept secret (please write the email address you use for your iTunes account on the form in the space provided).

Click here to download the non-disclosure agreement. which is a Word document. Mail it in to Tim Knight, 555 Bryant #711, Palo Alto, CA 94301 and I’ll be in touch via email about next steps.

A number of you have already written, expressing interest in testing this mysterious new creation of mine. Now’s your chance! Thank you very much.