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My Cosby Memory

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Back in the early 1980s, when I was still a kid, my family had a cable package that included Cinemax. One of the films it had was a comedy special called “Bill Cosby: Himself”, which was about an hour and a half of him doing stand-up. It was really the first comedy special I had ever watched (which began a lifelong love affair of such things), and I’ve found it for you here:


Kicked in the Spectacles

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To great fanfare, Snap, Inc. went public a little over a year ago, and in spite of the excitement over the IPO, the company has delivered a return of about negative 50% to those embraced the offering. Since then, the company has struggled to distinguish itself and get its stock hot again, but nothing has really worked so far.

The company introduced a line of sunglasses with the terribly inventive name “Spectacles“, but it was a bomb, and hundreds of thousands of them wound up unsold, probably left to rot in a public dump somewhere. Undaunted, the company has launched its follow-up product, not terribly inventively named “Spectacles 2.” Like its predecessor, it’s basically a way to film people in front of you with built-in cameras:

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Among my shorts are companies that make money by developing weapons to slaughter human beings (to say nothing of the fact that Pentagon spending is, more than anything else, responsible for plunging our country into ruinous debt – – a debt that will never be repaid). Anyway, it’s nice to see war manufacturers suffer. Apocalypse Now.

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Theranos Product Works!

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This just hit the wires – – someone managed to sneak a video from inside Theranos of someone playing the “Kill John Carreyrou” game the employees had made, Space Invaders-style. A reminder that Mr. Carreyrou was the multiple Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist who uncovered the huge scam run by Elizabeth “Crazy Eyes” Holmes and Sunny “Headin’ to Court” Balwani.