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CoCo no MoMo

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I have been railing against for-profit colleges here on Slope for years, beginning with this post back in August 2010 about Corinthian Colleges. I’m hard-pressed to think of any business more cynical that these for-profit outfits, since their formula has been:

  1. Advertise their services to the desperate;
  2. Get government loans to fund their sky-high tuitions;
  3. Have the students go through their program, get a diploma, and still fail to get a decent job (since a Heald diploma may well be more a liability than an asset to a job-seeker);
  4. Stand aside unharmed as the student defaults and you, dear reader, are left holding the bag



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I’ve been reading Technical Analysis magazine for decades, and it seems to me, for that entire time, they’ve had two or three cartoons by a particular chap who – – and I must be blunt here – – seems to possess neither artistic nor comedy skills. I present to you the latest, which I have thoughtfully scanned:


Has anyone in history ever laughed – or even grinned – at these things? And has anyone noticed that not only are the characters drawn always identical, but that when children are required, they are simply drawn as very short adults? I mean, this isn’t important, but after a couple of decades of not laughing, I just had to ask. OK, I’m done.

The Time Warp Again

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A little over thirty years ago, I made my first trip to Palo Alto. I lived in a little town called Moraga in the East Bay, and some friends of my girlfriend (now my wife) were going to see The Rocky Horror Picture Show. I had never seen the movie (and if you know Rocky Horror, you know that you don’t really just sit there and watch it), and I had never been to Palo Alto. So, one night during a senior year in high school, off we went.

The place where they showed the movie was the Varsity theatre, a venerable cinema on University Avenue which had been there for decades. I had a great night, and I was practically rolling with laughter in the aisles from the movie. It was a very positive introduction to the town that would later become my home.


Cramer’s Sense of Smell

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I don’t think there’s been a blogger roaming the streets of Palo Alto more bearish on crude oil than me, and to date, that has worked well. Cramer famously announced a few weeks back that oil’s price “smells like a bottom” (which, again, is the kind of olfactory proclamation that passes for analysis, versus my carefully-crafted charts). I personally think the prospects for energy smell more like Cramer’s own bottom, but we shan’t explore the topic further.