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If this is what Twitter looks like in an environment in which the Fed is pulling out all the stops and creating a totally fake, hyper-inflated asset market, could you imagine TWTR in a normal price-discovery situation? Somehow the digit “zero” leaps to mind. But here we have it: new lifetime lows today.


Suicide Blonde

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I was amused yesterday evening to read about the implosion at Theranos, which is located right here in my beloved Palo Alto. Elizabeth Holmes has been the darling of the business press for years, what with her flowing blonde hair, big blue eyes, and slender neck peeking out of the Steve Jobsian black top. Like Holden Caulfield, I have no fondness for “phonies”, and she seemed like one to me.

The thing is, the phenomenon of attractive women leading high-tech companies is a relatively recent one. On the surface, we as a society will pat each other on the back about how progressive we are, now that we have unvarnished gender equality, even at the highest echelons of corporate power. But let me just spoil your little party and tell you something. The reason men gawk at photos like this……….


And There She Goes

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Tim Cook sucks. And, no, I’m not referring to the man’s oh-so-private private life, whose verbs we shan’t explore or discuss here. No, he sucks for one simple reason: he isn’t Steve Jobs.

The Apple Watch. The Apple Pencil (or whatever the hell that stylus is called). The crumbling design values. None of this would have happened with Saint Steve around.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Apple’s best days are BEHIND it. Gone. Buried. Never to return. Apple is now like just about any other megacorporation. Bloated and pushed forward only by the momentum of its glorious past. What I said on The A List just two days ago still holds. Unlike, say, Apple’s price level at $91.89 that I pointed out in the same post.