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Hoo Boy – Tesla Buying SolarCity

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This is actually kind of comic. Anyway, a bit of background…..

A good friend of mine is a senior executive at SolarCity. A couple of months ago, he asked me what his prospects were with respect to making money on his sizeable options grant. I asked them the strike price, and it was something like $75.

I kind of winced, because the stock had been beaten down into the 20s. I looked at the graph anyway, and I told him (with a reminder that I’m a permabear) that the chances of making money were slim to none, and Slim left town already. So he wasn’t happy to hear that, and every time he saw me, he’d tell me (in a friendly way) how I was wrong.


Viva Hate Mail

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I very rarely get hate mail, but when I do, it usually marks an important top. This chap has written me mean-spirited emails more than once, and the record is awfully good. I’ve put an arrow at the point late at night when the hate mail was sent to me. I’m glad at least someone is looking after the interests of my “fanily” (sic):



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If this is what Twitter looks like in an environment in which the Fed is pulling out all the stops and creating a totally fake, hyper-inflated asset market, could you imagine TWTR in a normal price-discovery situation? Somehow the digit “zero” leaps to mind. But here we have it: new lifetime lows today.