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Recycled Cardboard BOX

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Even I can hardly believe what a dog BOX has become. I first wrote this snarky post about the freshly-launched IPO. Well, the price at that time (marked below with a red arrow) was terrific compared to where it is now. At this point, even in the context of a completely fake bull market and Friday’s laughable comic market reversal, the stock is down 53% from its IPO high. The path to zero is firmly in place.


All Is Vanity

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And here, my friends, I present to you some of the very worst of America: sorority girls.

Vapid. Vain. Vacuous. And always taking selfies. Just drink in some of this and comprehend the blinkered Philistine pig-ignorance that is before you. All hail duck lips! Honestly. Watch this. Take a good, long look. It’s appalling on multiple levels.

My only rejoinder, of course, comes from Star Trek (since, in spite of my boyish good looks, I am a dork at heart).


Odd Man Out

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Well, now it makes sense. Carefully-planned speeches and press conferences (last Thursday) from Yellen give the market a 1,000 point sell-off on the Dow. On the other hand, a mini-stroke on stage is just what the markets needed to rally overnight.

Interest rates are up. S&P is up. NASDAQ is up. Crude oil is up. There’s just one exception, with a double-digit dip:



Why the odd man out? Why is gold left out in the cold? Do you really have to ask? Yesterday:


Senior Prom

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Since I have absolutely nothing new to say about the markets, I just thought I’d close out the day to briefly comment on the remarkable event at the end of Yellen’s speech, which many Slopers watched live and commented upon in this post. The speech itself wasn’t particularly exciting (to put it kindly), and Yellen actually has an oddly soothing voice which was lulling most of us into a gentle sleep. Very near the end of the speech, it was clear something was wrong. I thought she was missing the last page of her speech, or she had become very, very lost, and watching this real time, it was pretty surreal…….