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Oh Boy. Detroit.

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I have been seeing a lot of ads for the Cadillac ELR, which is Detroit’s answer to my beloved Tesla Model S. My Tesla can go about 265 miles on a single charge, and it’s purely electric. The Cadillac is a hybrid, and it can go a whopping 30 miles on a full charge. Worse yet, it features the same dry-heave-inducing design for which American cars have so long been know. The sad part is that they didn’t have a 7th grader do this design; it’s put together by a large team of very well-paid professionals. Make sure a bucket is handy and have a look: (more…)

Wow. Not.

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Something tells me Business Insider is starting to get a little thin on content. They had a prominently-featured article called 28 Killer Home Trading Desks. I’ve got a pretty nice setup myself (three computers, eight monitors, two dogs) and I was curious to see what these “killer” desks were like. Here’s one of them…….. (more…)

Short Palo Alto

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My town has changed. When I first came here, in 1984, it was a pretty standard college town. Sure, the houses were kind of pricey, but the look and feel of the place wasn’t that much different than you’d probably get in any other town next to a big, well-known college.

But things have changed a lot lately. And I’ve got to say, the kinds of changes I’m seeing weren’t really apparent during the Internet bubble. For some reason, the self-importance and money-worship didn’t really take root until recently, after the financial crisis. (more…)

General Mayhem

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Long-time readers know I take a strange pride in never having owned an American car. Even as a youngster, I recognized them as crap on four wheels. And for those who say, “But Tim! Yes, you! Tim! Over here! Hi! Your Tesla is American!” No, it isn’t. It’s Silicon Valleyian. A Tesla product is as far removed from the decades of Detroit garbage as one can imagine.