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I’m pretty sure Marissa “the luckiest woman in the world” Mayer’s free ride is over at Yahoo. She had nothing – virtually nothing at all – to do with the resurgence in the company’s stock. The irony is that everyone thought the pretty blonde turned the company around, whereas the very scary looking not-blonde guy (and the fortuitous circumstance of YHOO owning a lot of BABA, which preceded Marissa’s entrance) had everything to do with it.

No matter. She’s wildly rich, and I’m sure she’ll die wildly rich. Lucky her. In the meantime, I think Yahoo is an empty shell, and utterly shortable.


Vanity Goes Meta

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Unless you reside in a cave, you know that every month, like clockwork, world-famous narcissist Oprah Winfrey puts out the latest edition of her “O” magazine featuring none other than herself on the cover. This woman is huge, both literally and figuratively, in the world of celebrities, and who I am to judge the taste or wisdom of cranking out this monthly nod to megalomania?