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Crude’s Channel

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There’s an interesting piece this morning in ZeroHedge about famed CNBC commentator Gartman and the fact that, after two months, he’s finally gone bullish on oil. I wanted to mark the points where the man said oil would not reach $44 again in his lifetime (green tint) and his declaration today (magenta tint) that he changed, just like “Lord Keynes” (which, I suppose, is supposed to make one look less daft, since Keynes was a Lord and all).  Anyway, particularly with the weekly inventory report looming this morning, here’s the channel:


The Post-Jobsian Withering

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I’ve written about Apple many, many times here on Slope (like here, here, and here). Way back in December, I wrote a post called Apple Headed to the 80s in 2016, whose conclusion you can probably figure out without even reading the article.

Of course, I’m an oddball, since the shills in the mainstream media think Apple does nothing but go up (or at least is destined to). Take this gem, for example, which was published a couple days ago:



Twitter Down the (Obvious)

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I love Twitter as a service. I’ve got nearly 16,000 followers, and it gives me a great way – – for free – – to reach out to them. It also is my means of staying in touch, and weeping on the shoulder of, my friend Northman Trader.

But as a business, I just don’t get it. I’ve never understood why Twitter is a good business model; it seems almost like a worldwide charity to me. It’s been slip-sliding away for years now, and even before this evening’s earnings, it’s only worth about one-fourth of what it was after its IPO rally.



Great Moments in Portfolio Mathematics

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For quite a while, I was getting solicitations from a site (which I won’t bother naming, for reasons that shall soon be clear) that promised to “revolutionize” investing by showing actual results of portfolio picks to the investing public. This kind of web site has been done a dozen different ways over the years, so it was hardly unique, and my skin crawls any time any tech company promises to “revolutionize” anything, even if they find a comely lass (that can’t stop smiling) with an off-the-shoulder dress to promote its virtues.


I had pretty much forgotten about the site, but for no particular reason it occurred to me to check in on them and see how they were doing. The site was up and running, and on the home page was a list of their superstar stock pickers and their returns. I was sort of blown away to see the result at the very top: