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Traveling Tim Mega-Reversal

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Well, all you bears have me to thank again, since my trip to Atlanta, Georgia has caused the market to complete reverse itself. The jobs report had a little to do with it too, because here’s the situation we’re in folks:

(1) Interest rates are at zero;

(2) The Fed’s credibility equals Yellen’s likelihood of being the next cover girl of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue;

(3) The economy is, quite evidently, beginning to poo all over itself again.

Thus, my relentless expression: “the wind is at our backs” holds sway once more.



Slope’s Glorious Return to the Vanguard

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Greetings from my children’s play room, from where I have decided to compose a very long post to try to relieve myself of the aching burden of thoughts borne from recent market action. I should be feeling triumphant, but I feel deeply dissatisfied (which is not surprising, knowing my personality) while, at the same time, full of anticipation. Slope is, among other things, a means by which I expunge tortured thoughts, so I will do that here and now.