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You’ll pardon me if I pin the Gold Medal for Technical Analysis on my bare chest for my VIX prediction. As I said virtually every single day on TastyTrade for weeks, and as I said here countless times as well, I intended to stay aggressively short until the VIX reached “between 22 and 23″. Well, it peaked at 22.46 today, and that’s when I got out of any big shorts and – gasp – actually bought a bunch of stocks. The graph is fantastically glorious in its clarity. Thank you; thank you; yes, it is a beautiful thing. (more…)

Why I Shorted Tesla

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I first offered up the insane idea of shorting Tesla back on September 15th, then I followed up with the same notion on September 22.  My reasons were simple: (a) their persistent delays in rolling out the Model X were pissing off their most loyal devotees, like yours truly; (b) failed bullish breakout, shown in yellow below; (c) affirmation on the failure with a trendline break and retest, highlighted in magenta. It all added up to a great reason to short the stock and go long the put options, both of which have paid off nicely. Elon, you really should focus on getting the X out the door before you start monkeying around with new models that aren’t that important to people!