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Fie on Fireeye

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I’ve read enough bad-mouthing about FireEye on Slope to take an interest in it, so two days ago, I shorted a meaningful amount. I knew earnings were coming up, and I was a little chagrined to see the stock pop up over 2% after hours Tuesday evening. Well, my concerns were unnecessary, as the chart reveals.. We are now in a market where piece o’crap stocks are actually allowed to keep plunging. (UPDATE: I wrote this post twenty-four hours ago, so it’s even less germane now, but all the same, I like the way this stock looks on the short side).


Good Lord

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Well, now that the market is beginning to fall to pieces, I’m in freakin’ Eastern Europe. Oh, well – – I’ve got fast Internet, an ungodly luxurious suite, and three laptops, so it’s not all pain and suffering. I’d just like to be even more into it than I am.

On the one hand, the market is very – – and I hate this word – oversold. One look at the ES shows you that we’ve rammed against a meaningful support line, and we could easily bounce to about 1942.50……… (more…)