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Bitcoin Bull Bonanza

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One of the most ironic posts on Slope must be the one I did just back in January called Bitcoin’s Massive Bullish Base, which featured this chart:

The entirety of the post’s text was as follows: “I’m not even going to try to understand the logic, but well-encrypted 1s and 0s of imaginary currency have formed an astonishingly-clean basing pattern, suggesting much higher prices ahead.



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I don’t think there’s ever been a single stock I’ve suggested as a short more than Finish Line (symbol FINL). My poor tastytrade viewers probably got sick to death of hearing about it, but it’s one of the most amazing topping patterns I’ve ever seen, and given how far it’s fallen, I doubt anyone’s bitching about my frequent mentionings of it.

One problem I’ve had as a trader is covering shorts too soon. One great example is Chicago Bridge & Iron, which I yammered on about endlessly as well. It did indeed fall hard, and I took my profits. The problem is……….it won’t stop falling.



Gold and Miners Finally Bust Out

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As I wrote to my PLUS members on August 24th regarding junior miners, “..…as I look at the miners, I’m seeing signs of life. If you believe the breakout is meaningful and want to amp up your commitment, a good way to do it would by via the triple-bullish ETF symbol below, which itself has had a clean breakout from a rather long downtrend.

Well, it didn’t take long for this to blossom, as gold has broken out smartly………



Took My Put Profits

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Earlier this morning, I sold my SPY October $245 puts for an overnight profit of over 50%. I have several remarks about this:

  • It’s kind of stupid of me to buy options that don’t expire for something like ten weeks and sell them the next freakin’ day, but what can I say………I’m a wimp.
  • I’m going to be driving 20 hours (round trip) to see the eclipse Monday morning, and frankly I’d like to enjoy it without worrying about my stupid options position.
  • I hardly ever trade options.………literally one trade for every few hundred equity trades…..but I had a “feeling” yesterday morning to give it a shot.
  • Most importantly, this trendline below compels me to not be greedy.


Of course, this all probably means a CRASH on Monday, so………you’re welcome!