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A Clean Getaway

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I don’t normally monkey around with leveraged ETFs, but I was so enthralled by energy’s weakness, I had built up a big long position in ERY (as mentioned in my Lake Erie post on Tuesday). Last night, I calculated the measured move on it, drew a horizontal line, and watched it closely. Wednesday morning, before the inventory report, ERY nailed its target, so I GTFO in a big hurry. Thank goodness, eh?


Oh, and, umm, this tweet from this morning kind of sealed the decision for me:


Big Swinging DECK

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Well, it doesn’t happen that often these days, but when it does, it sure feels nice: one of my shorts got absolutely firebombed after the market closed today. Deckers Outdoor Corporation (symbol DECK), which I’ve touted repeatedly here on Slope and on my Tastytrade show as a great short idea, lost nearly a quarter of its value. Tomorrow should be quite the firestorm.

Here’s what the after hours trading looked like…….