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Fire Metaphor Time

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Well, while we await a real post, here’s an interesting little scene caught on camera only because the guy is a serious gamer. Roll forward to about the 4:50 mark. This hapless chap accidentally sets a tiny fire burning in his apartment, and since I suspect he’s been involved in gaming for years, he has sort of lost touch with how the real world works (pro tip: it is unwise to try to suppress a growing fire by throwing dry stacks of cardboard boxes on top).

Senior Prom

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Since I have absolutely nothing new to say about the markets, I just thought I’d close out the day to briefly comment on the remarkable event at the end of Yellen’s speech, which many Slopers watched live and commented upon in this post. The speech itself wasn’t particularly exciting (to put it kindly), and Yellen actually has an oddly soothing voice which was lulling most of us into a gentle sleep. Very near the end of the speech, it was clear something was wrong. I thought she was missing the last page of her speech, or she had become very, very lost, and watching this real time, it was pretty surreal…….