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Appeal to Heaven

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Well, I’m afraid July 4 did me in. After I posted the clip from the John Adams mini-series, I once again fell into watching the entire thing again. For those of you who have Amazon Prime Video, it’s available for $0.00, and it’s a marvelous piece of work (thanks in large part to the talent of Paul Giamatti and Laura Linney). Yes, I will be doing some “real” stock market posts this weekend, but I needed something to throw out there, and this little video tip was on my mind – – so I heartily encourage its viewing!

His Majesty’s Presence

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I love America. The first words of The Godfather, and three words also deep within my heart. In spite of my distaste for many of its inhabitants (present company excluded), the ideals of this nation are dear to me, and, as on every 4th of July, I read the entire Declaration of Independence with a lump in my throat.

I, too, would like to share with you this magnificent clip from John Adams, in which Paul Giamatti’s character meets King George to try to mend the obvious rift between the newborn U.S. and Britain. It is an extraordinary scene, and I’ve read that this is one of the very few instances where every single word was written down, and those words are precisely presented here:

Ten Long Years Ago Today

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It seems like a lifetime ago (particularly considering how miserable the past eight years have been…….) but precisely ten years ago today, I put together a little video of the iPhone launch here in my beloved Palo Alto. As you will soon hear, the audio was pretty bad (I was only 2.5 years into blogging and wasn’t the polished blogger you enjoy these days), but it’s a kick seeing how, even then, the iPhone was a huge deal. (You’ll also notice I had an honest-to-God job with a real office, and that office was right around the corner from a cool little company called Facebook). Anyway, check it out……….