Here are some common questions and answers about SlopeCharts:

Q.  How do I access different time frames, such as just the past year or intraday charts?

A.  Right now, you simply get all daily data. You can zoom in to any portion for a closer view. As for intraday data, that will be coming soon.

Q.  Can I get any data besides US stocks and indexes?

A.  Not yet, but our data provider had a vast assortment of data, and we will be systematically adding new data classes of all kinds.

Q.  Where are all the technical indicators, such as stochastics and RSI studies?

A.  Those are intentionally absent. A few basic studies, such as moving averages, will be coming soon, but in my opinion the hodgepodge of indicators one can overlay onto a chart usually amounts to little more than a cacophony of colors, pointless to most observers.

Q.  Is the data real-time?

A.  Not at the moment, although we have plans to introduce this. The index and futures data is end-of-day (updated at night), while the stock data is updated with information with BATS exchange data, giving you a reasonable view into current market pricing during the trading day.

Q.  Is there FOREX data?

A.  Not yet, but it is coming. There are some ETF symbols based on currencies available now, such as UUP (US Dollar), FXY (Japanese Yen), and FXE (Euro).