Publishing and Subscribing

For Gold and Diamond subscribers, SlopeCharts has the ability for you to publish and subscribe to watch lists and the charts within. This means you can look directly at Tim’s charts (or anyone else’s, for that matter). If you were looking at my charts, for example, it’s as if you were beamed into my office and got to look over my shoulder at my lists and my charts in their exact up-to-the-second appearance. You can do this with any watchlist that a Sloper has elected to publish for viewing.

But this isn’t just about other Slopers and their lists. It’s about you, too. Because you can publish any of your watch lists, and anyone can subscribe to anyone else’s published watch lists. It’s a community of sharing.

If I want to share a watch list (and its charts) with the rest of the world, I just right-click on it and Publish it.


When you do this, you can optionally say a few words about the list, since it would be nice for people to know what the purpose of the list is (especially if your watch list name isn’t super clear):


That’s all there is to it. At this point, any Gold or Diamond member can subscribe to your list, which means they can see its contents as well as the drawn objects. 

Of course, if you later decide you don’t want to share that list, you can just do this:


OK, so that’s all you need to know about publishing. What about subscribing?

Well, just click on the Watch Lists hyperlink at the top, and you will see this:

You will then be presented with a list of all the lists available (which are all from me at this point) in order of popularity. You can search the lists based on any words, too.


And you can click on Subscribed or Unsubscribed for each one, dictating what you want to see. And for those to which you are subscribed, you’ll see them in your normal watch list module, except with a special symbol next to the name:


As mentioned earlier, you can see the drawn objects, and you may be surprised to find you can delete them and change them, but have no fear – – you are not actually changing the original publisher’s chart. His or her watch lists and the contents therein will go unharmed by your lunatic machinations.

Besides looking at the symbols one-by-one in the published watchlist, you can also choose to copy all of them into a list of your own.

The big improvement, however, is that now you can choose to also import the drawn objects! This means that all the hard work has put into their drawings you can instantly have on your own symbols. This can be a tremendous time-saver and provide you insights you wouldn’t have had before.

Just one word of warning, however: the drawn objects will also be plopped right on top of any drawings you’ve made too. In other word, drawn objects are tied to symbols, not watchlists. So you will be combining the drawn objects (if any) that you’ve made along with those you are importing.

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