SlopeCharts Exclusives

The SlopeCharts platform on this site is a free charting product for everyone, but there are a number of features exclusive to PLUS subscribers. Here are the SlopeCharts features that are presently or soon available only to subscribers:

  • Automatic Trendlines, which you can read about here
  • Continuous Futures Contracts – such items as gold, wheat, the S&P 500, silver, and others with hundreds of years of back data
  • Ability to share watchlists and charts with other users and view the charts of others
  • Supercharged “pre-loading” of data for nearly instantaneous chart retrieval, thousands of percent faster than normal loading
  • Custom symbol charts allowing entry of symbols as simple mathematical formulas
  • Sectors-Based Filtering – permitting access to nearly 500 sector categories
  • Dual charts – compare symbols simultaneously, each with their own price scale