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Chart of the day is $DJIA at


Let me guess,...bullish 2/15/17
are you bull bear or neutral on ES jonnievega? 2/15/17
@ this point 2/15/17
Looks like a fairly impenetrable place at least until it is passed. 2/16/17
Professor DoomfingerProfessor Doomfinger
Red channel upward ho! 2/16/17
Silver, I trade a vol strategy that has me mostly market neutral though I do not firmly believe in pure market neutrality until you contract close. I structurally close my positions with an option overly, though admittedly, I've leaned a little short the last few weeks,..not optimal, but survivable, which is all I care about when I look to capture spread decay. I believe that most, of not all, positions have some sort of tilt or delta slant to them, and tend to lean more mean reversion as opposed to trend follower. I'm very jealous at times of the guys who can jump on these trends in the late phases and catch the moves. So my commentary lately has been more of a psychological hedge and to root those guys on who may have caught it. Not knowing the "catalyst" for the melt up, I just have/had to be patient. I do think we retrace some of this move and test some gaps below once the buying is exhaustive, though I've thought this for weeks now. Risk management is key... times like these will teach that lesson with an indelible mark. Hope you're doing well my friend. 2/16/17