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Tim hard at work in 1982


Tim KnightTim Knight
Holy LORD I can't believe you found this! It's like my first group of Slopers. 4/11/17
Tim KnightTim Knight
Funny story about this photo shoot - - I had a Clockwork Orange poster on my wall which declared 'Being the adventures of a young man whose principal interests were rape, ultra-violence, and Beethoven.' The photographer decided it really needed to be removed and replaced with merit badges for Boy's Life. 4/11/17
What do you have to do to get the badge with a cobra on it? 4/11/17
kyle in SDkyle in SD
what are the odds that more than one sloper was in Boys Life? Mine was 1995, highlighting a three week trek of the John Muir Trail. 4/11/17
Tim KnightTim Knight
To answer the "Cobra" question, it's been a long time, but I suspect that was the name of their Den (I think that's what they were called). I was a kickass Den Leader; took us from 8th place to 1st within weeks of being appointed. 11/24/17