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RECORD: 'crash' risk (SKEW) has never been this high relative to 'normal' risk (VIX)


Lazy Panda (Director)Lazy Panda (Director)
Skew is junk. Low VIX is better as a predictor 10/18/17
Lazy Panda (Director)Lazy Panda (Director)
Shouldn't say junk, "not as good" 10/18/17
Wonder where it was in '87? 10/18/17
Lazy Panda (Director)Lazy Panda (Director)
The yield curve is the best indicator 2-5 yrs treasuries vs the classic bond, at levels close to 2008, 2001, 1989 and 1987. VIX levels in 1987 didn’t exist. (First calculated 4/1/93) 10/18/17