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Possible opportunuty in bitcoin, shorting litecoin


ZeroPointMind ΦZeroPointMind Φ
Looks like a well formed cup and handle. 7/4/17
To me, that means litecoin is going to explode higher while bitcoin just sort of takes it's time. Or I hope so anyway, if bitcoin takes a dump, it's going to hurt. 7/4/17
Lazy PandaLazy Panda
Could be that's correct. It's definitely at an extreme. I am by no means more than a padawan. Wonder what TK thinks 7/4/17
ZeroPointMind ΦZeroPointMind Φ png 7/4/17
Lazy PandaLazy Panda
Cup with handle analog. I see-  
The pattern is even more striking now if you shrink down the chart. 7/4/17
Lazy PandaLazy Panda
Anyway, this is a pairs chart not a single stock chart too. The cup with handle is pretty durn strong though. 7/4/17
what instrument are y'all using to trade Litecoin? 7/4/17
Lazy PandaLazy Panda
GDAX is a us based exchange 7/4/17
Lazy PandaLazy Panda
Aka Coinbase 7/4/17
Lazy PandaLazy Panda
And now a big drop. The original prediction was correct. Pairs relationships are very strong 7/11/17