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Low Plateau

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I'm going through charts with All Daily History now, which means I am seeing them back to the late 1960s (or whenever they went public). One thing that strikes me is just how far some stocks could still fall during a protracted bear market. Apple, for example, could conceivably go back into the high teens. Impossible, you say? That's not a word you should use during a market like this.

The OTIS Indicator

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In the middle of Monday, at 1:33 EST, I said the market was going to toss its tacos. Thirteen minutes later, it reached its ultimate peak of the day, then it started plunging. A nearly 200 point rise on the Dow was laid waste.

Some people wonder what amazing indicator I must have used to pinpoint this reversal. Well, I'll reveal it to you. It's called the OTIS indicator. It is activated when I look at the screen and say, "Oh This Is Silly". This occurred when I saw what was happening with BAC, C, AIG, and a host of other good-for-nothing stocks.

And I'm being quite serious. Do you know how many of ProphetCharts' nearly 200 indicators I use? Zero. (OK, molecool, don't get excited; I mean the number zero). Zilch. Not a one.

If you ever see me putting up a stochastic or a moving average, it's just to satiate those who are hungry for less-simple charts. But I'm faking it. I don't use that stuff. At all.

Just OTIS.