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Just to make sure end-of-day readers are aware, I am going to be "summering" for the next couple of weeks, so things might be a little less frenetic here (Friday afternoons notwithstanding).

It seems to me that, for the short-term, the market is hemmed-in between about 910 and 935 on the S&P 500. The bulls have the full range of 880 to 910 as support (30 points of muck), and the bears have the full range of 930 to 960 as resistance (likewise, 30 points of muck). So things could be a bit ho-hum here. It would take something really dramatic (oh, I dunno, like a North Korean missile aimed at Hawaii?) to punch through one of those walls.


I've got packing and driving to do, so I'm done for the day. Thanks for being part of Slope, and hey, if you're a lurker – get in there and participate! Bovine and Brinkley can't do it all, ya know!

Prepare for the Summer Doldrums

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Well, summer is upon us, and so is my family time in Tahoe. Don't worry, I'll still be "hitting the Slope", but less frequently (long-time readers are rolling their eyes right now, but this time, I mean it. Honest. Now stop that).

From now until July 4th, you can expect:

I'll do a post later today, bit I just wanted to give everyone the heads-up.



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I have allocated my three largest cash positions to commodity longs – – two big DBC positions and one DYY position. It seems to me the $CRX has some room to move higher from the recent softness:


I also note that with DYY, very large surges in volume have been occurring regularly when the price moves higher, and the volume subsides as the price consolidates. This is bullish to me:


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