We Hold These Truths to be Self-Evident

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  • Printing up trillions of dollars of fiat money is no way to save a crumbling economy;
  • A soaring jobless rate is not a basis for optimism about the prospects for equities;
  • The fact that Goldman Sachs was able to snooker the public (again) by pushing the market higher 1 quarter out of 7 does not mean a new bull market has appeared;
  • Dumping tens of billions of dollars into the completely failed US auto industry at taxpayer expense is not a wise move;
  • Throwing trillions of dollars at insolvent banks, which spend most of their attention lining their executives pockets with enormous bonuses, is imprudent;
  • Pretending that the Medicare and Social Security System aren't headed for certain collapse is disingenuous
  • Peach cobbler with two scoops of ice cream can make a delicious noontime treat.

Congratulations, Slopers. The trading week is over. You won.