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Year of the Lottery

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One of these days it's going to get through my thick skull that 2009 is the Year of the Lottery Play. It's just about the only thing that's consistently been good for me this year!

Just yesterday, I bought seven lottery plays. Want to guess how many of them are profitable since yesterday? Yep, all seven. And one of them, shown below, is up over 10%. Sheesh!


The galling thing is that this thing hasn't even broken out yet. If it does, it could move way, way higher. And it's not like the market in general has exploded high in the past day. But these lottery plays seem to be the place where all the juice is.

All Assets the Same

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Going through charts, I'm inclined to agree with the Prechter notion that all assets all the same these days; in other words, they all fall together, and they all rise together. Whether I'm looking at FOREX, energies, financials, general equity indexes, precious metals – – they are all very tightly correlated (or inversely correlated).

Things seems more and more stretched into the "something is going to snap" mode, but as my Lucy-snatching-the-football away suggested, the amount things are getting stretched just seems to go on forever. One clean trendline break I've seen is GLD.


Random remark – to those of you who subscribe to the Kirk Report, there's a long interview of me coming out with him tomorrow. He's going to let me republish it here in several weeks, but for those who already read Kirk, there's your heads-up for ya.