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Long the Dollar

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I've got to say, I'm really scratching my head over this morning's action. Plenty of weakness to go around, and then 40 minutes into the day, I'm looking at red on the bottom line. Weird! And this is in spite of ample amounts of help from a strong dollar.

In any case, UUP is by far my biggest cash position, and it's so danged slow to move, I figure I will be holding on to it for quite a while.

Technical Tools

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Good morning, boys and girls.

I spent part of my evening monkeying around with my main computer, since I was having all kinds of browser troubles. The combination of Firefox and MarketMatrix/ProphetCharts was lethal, since there was a horrible memory leak somewhere. Only a few hours would pass, the Firefox would gobble up memory until it approached a gigabyte. By then, I'd have to forcibly shut it down.

I switched to Chrome, which at first seemed great, until I tried to fire up a Java applet and it barfed all over itself. So now I've got this Rube Goldberg-esque setup of using Chrome for everything except for MarketMatrix/ProphetCharts, for which I am using (gag, cough, sputter) Internet Explorer. Using IE strips me of so much tech cred that I might as well clip on a tie and start using terms like LOL without a trace of irony.

For those of you that elected to spend your evening doing something besides hanging out on Slope, you'll probably be a bit puzzled by the new behavior of the comments system. It has a new look, and it auto-scrolls now, as new comments are posted. There is a nasty bug which, err, sort of scrambles the order of comments once they start scrolling, but rest assured Disqus is aware of this and hopes to fix it this morning.

Time for breakfast. LOL.
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