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Interesting Decoupling

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This is probably neither here nor there, as the old saying goes, but I noticed something unusual this morning. Here is a graph of the EUR/USD (black line) and the @ESU9 (blue line). In other words, it expresses, on a minute bar scale, the movements of the dollar (in inverse form) and the equities market.


These two have been moving in lockstep for a while now, but I noticed that a big spike in the EUR/USD didn't really budge the equities markets. Any comments as to why?

August’s End

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Well, we've got a pretty good start at the opening bell, particularly with FXP, which has been my favorite recently. The 1015-1018 level seems like important support, particularly since The Powers That Be will want to pad out August's gains as much as possible (or at least protect them).

I've been thinking "next month will be better" for a while now but – as Bullwinkle says – "this time for sure!" Joking aside, I think things are scheduled to get interesting very soon.
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