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Joe and Jane Sixpack

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A Sloper pointed out this headline to me recently………


I never thought of shameless government meddling and intervention as "normal", but I think what the headline means to say is that Stocks Are Going Up Like They Are Supposed To Do.

This article came out this morning in the New York Times, and it's about how small investors are getting back into stocks. One particular quote caught my attention:

While they are poorer today and still leery of the markets’ returns, many are still chasing the gilded promise of profits and wealth. “It’s got a track record,” Linda Blay, a bookkeeper in Orange County, Calif., said of the stock market. While her portfolio is still off by 30 percent, she said that “it outperforms any investment. I think it’ll come back.”

So. It's got a track record. And it outperforms any investment. Any! These are some pretty sweeping conclusions. And – the most important thing – it'll come back.

I don't know how many signs of a top we need before we suffocate under all of them. I've got a new update to my Big Picture page I'll be posting later this morning. I am, as always, not lacking an opinion of my own.