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EUR/USD Review (by Alex)

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First let's review our post from last week (10/27) and see how projected support/resistance levels played out.

Now lets see how the history repeated itself once again. We are comparing Aug.2008 price action and present:

$eurusd 11_4_2009 (450 min)2a 

No doubt there is a similarity. Current swing high(FOMC day high as well) is 1.4908-to the tick the same as the swing high in August 2008.

Will the history keep repeating itself and we see lower prices in the coming days? We shall see.

Does This Look Vulnerable?

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Here's a chart of SRS, the ultrashort real estate instrument. I have – as I am wont to do with big movers – flipped it upside-down to give you a different perspective.


Does this look vulnerable to a "fall" to you? (I put fall in quotes, since the chart is flipped). I think it does. Let's keep in mind, though, that it has shown vulnerability before (see blue tinted area), only to move more.

I bought SRS earlier today, and the fact that it is showing a profit (albeit a small one) in the face of a nearly 200 point burst higher on the Dow is pretty encouraging.

Some Longs I Like

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Believe it or not, I don't just sell stocks short. I occasionally like to buy them too. Here are some charts I like and the stop-loss levels I'll be using. To be clear, I'm still quite bearish on the market between now and mid-December, and I'm positioned that way, but I'm not comfortable being 100% short; I'd like a few attractive-looking longs in the mix as well.

ACI 21.00 AIR 19.13 AIV 12.00 CHKP 30.49 CLF 33.99 CYNO 9.94 FMCN 12.57 FST 18.24 GD 62.18 MTW 9.02 PCX 10.59 RAIL 23.15 SII 28.48 TEX 19.76

Some Ch-Ch-Changes

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Howdy Slopers and Slopettes,

I've been getting a lot of feedback about the blog lately, and there are a couple of big changes I'll be implementing before the year is out.

Faster Site: I assumed being on a platform as big as Typepad would be sufficient, but I've heard from more than a few people that the site isn't fast enough. So I'll be moving to my own hosted server.

Better Organization: I'm going to get the site nicely designed, including having a clear organization of posters and their content. Some people are crazy about the guest commentary, and some don't care for it. I personally think it's great to have more voices on the site, but perhaps better organization would help make everyone happy.

Just letting you know that I am listening to feedback and will be making improvements. If any of you are ungodly-amazing web site designers (or know any who are), drop me a line. I'm in the Silicon Valley, so there's plenty of talent, but it would be especially nice to have someone actually from Slope involved.

Ask Vikram

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A fellow Sloper writes in:

I will be attending a small gathering next Monday where Vikram Pandit will be sharing "an informal dialogue about the current financial landscape and responsible finance." (their words, not mine!)  I have been asked if I would like to pose a question to Mr. Pandit and, of course, my answer is "yes."  Most of my questions have to do with the real world vs. what the banks/Fed are telling us. I obviously have quite a few, but I wanted to see if you or any of the Slope readers had some thoughts on what to ask.  I would of course share his response with everyone.

OK, folks? What would you like to ask Vik?