Nathaniel’s Shorting Teenage Vampires (by Nathaniel Goodwin)

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Monday was one of those days that make me crazy. Am I the only one that thinks vampires suck? Don't get me wrong, I love creepy stuff; zombies are cool, werewolves are badass and Frankenstein rules. However; nothing pisses me off more than a bunch of young good looking vampires, scoring with hot chicks and living forever. WTF? Screw them.

 If there was a 3X bear ETF of vampires, I would have been all in a month ago. I've been shorting HOTT (who sells dumb vampire licensed merchandise) since October. If you want creepy, look at this chart.

Last week I also started to short TWX mainly because I saw a good risk-reward setup, but also because they own HBO, and HBO runs that show "True Blood". In at $32.27 stops at $32.84. Vampires suck ass, I'm going to try to short them back to the grave.