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My Top 20 Long Stock Setups (By Ryan Mallory)

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Last time I provided you with the shorts on my watch-list, today I'm giving you my long-setup list, and there are plenty of candidates out there. I plan on actually expanding this list over a couple of posts, because there are a ton of good setups out there. The problem is, that the market has gotten so parabolic, wanting to go long in a stock at this very point in time boarders on insanity.

While I think this market has got its head on crooked, I'm not going to try and be the guy that attempts to convince it the error of its ways. Instead, I'll follow the trend cautiously, and will pull my positions off the table should (or when) things go awry in this market. So I recommend that you stick this watch list here, that includes all of my stops for each one, (and they are ranked from favorite to least-favorite 1 – 20) and put it in your back pocket, and when this market pulls back some and comes off of these ridiculous new highs, THEN pull the trigger.

I know that there are some out there, that won't heed my advice on this, and that somehow this market is "different" than times past. If that's the case, then Godspeed, my friend.  

1. Sigma Designs (SIGM) – 11.04
2. CVR Energy (CVI) – 8.27
3. PowerShares US Dollar (UUP) – 23.53
4. Stereotaxis (STXS) – 4.62
5. Matrix Service (MTRX) – 10.79
6. AMR Corp (AMR) – 8.34
7. American Science & Engineering (ASEI) – 73.39
8. Louisiana-Pacific (LPX) – 7.57
9. Greatbatch (GB) – 19.75
10. Mcgraw-Hill Companies (MHP) – 33.99
11. Suntrust Banks (STI) – 24.82
12. Amgen (AMGN) – 56.85
13. Ugi Corp (UGI) – 24.85
14. Pharmerica (PMC) – 17.45
15. M.D.C. Holdings (MDC) – 33.79
16. Cogent Communications Group (CCOI) – 10.36
17. Covidien (COV) – 48.29
18. Forrester Research (FORR) – 29.65
19. Hansen Natural (HANS) – 40.75
20. Telmex International (TII) – 18.21

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I <3 Math (by Nathaniel Goodwin)

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At 5-8PM Monday through Friday, my landlord shuts off power and water to the building. He tells me it's the "green" thing to do, and it also helps keep my rent down so I should be thankful. I don't mind doing my part to save the environment, but it makes me rush home from work to get my Ramen noodles cooked or I'm screwed for dinner.

Yesterday I took my noodles outside and it wasn't long before neighborhood street dwellers Willy Jaundice and "Stun Gun" Jones came over to ask for help. I offered them my noodles, and they repaid me with a swig of MD 20/20. We were shooting the breeze and Stun Gun started mouthing off about how he made millions on Wall Street. Willy started heckling him, but I started taking notes. Stun Gun rambled off a bunch of numbers and how he predicted the market movements, then he puked up Mad Dog all over my shoes. It looked like I was standing in a puddle of transmission fluid. He ran off screaming that the GS assassins were after him for saying too much, so I went upstairs to change.


When my power came back I took my notes out and here is what I could come up with from his ramblings.



I just looked outside, and Stun Gun is yelling at some pigeons right now. It doesn't look like the assassins got him yet.