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Web Wizard Wanted

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I don't mean to use the blog as my own Craigslist, but I'm considering hiring a web engineer to do a special project for me. It has nothing to do with charting, but it does involve the need for a deep array of web-engineering and some database skills. 

Since I don't want to be deluged with queries and resumes, let me filter things pretty heavily: this is just a short-term gig, I don't want to spend a whole lot, and being located in the SF Bay Area would be a plus (but isn't a requirement). I also think the project would be a huge amount of fun for the right person. Just to be clear, I'm not looking for someone who dabbles in HTML; I'm looking for an aspiring programming god or goddess. Anyway, if this is you please email me. Thanks.


About Buying Every Dip

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The mantra these days from sea to shining sea is the same: Buy Every Dip. That works well for a while. It worked great for years during the last decade. Take note of that last buying opportunity, marked in purple:


It is shown again in purple below. My point is this: one day, the dip slips. Buying a dip is no guarantee of profits. You might get five dips, or ten, or fifty – – nobody knows. But when the dip fails, look out, because everyone will have been trained to do nothing but buy dips, and you're going to wind up with a population that has no idea what to do next.


Speaking of dips, I said something dippy yesterday I should clarify: I did a post about the sad state of affairs at very blog sites, including this one. I jokingly made a reference to molecool's temper, but since some readers might not misconstrue what I said, let me clarify – – – I've known molecool for a long time, and he's a good guy. We've met each other once, and he was perfectly friendly (in spite of the 'Evil' moniker). Sorry if what I said came out the wrong way.

Chart on TAN (by Mike Paulenoff)

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The solar sector was left out of the entire Jan-Mar advance in the major equity market ETFs. However, the chart pattern and the behavior of the Claymore Global Solar Energy ETF (TAN)’s biggest component, First Solar (FSLR), suggest that “this dog” just might have its day yet. The rounded base-like formation that has been established since early February is intriguing technically, within a very oversold condition. Price, however, is everything – and until the TAN hurdled key initial near-term resistance at 8.55, the base will remain just that – a base in development. At this juncture, my work argues that I “need” to be long unless or until the prior low is violated at 7.88.


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