Secular Bull Market Confirmed

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(Note from Tim: it's quite important you carefully read the final portion of this post.)

All indicators, both technical and fundamentals have just confirmed a secular bull market.

The future has never been clearer to us. Forget every bearish analysis you have ever read – 1937, 2004, 1929…Great grand supercycle bull rally is upon us. Fundamentally the explantion is simple – money printing. Just like Zimbabwe's index went up 2000% when their currency devalued to nothing, the Dow is about to explode to the upside. Cross commodity correlation have also independently confirmed this uptrend. The market is at an inflection point, and the outcome is a burst higher. You will miss out if you are not loaded on the long side, and if you are short you should be very concern. As you can see from our very detailed charting using Prophet 5.0 charting software by Tom Night (contact us if you wish to buy a copy)

20000 Dow Jones 

The inverse head and shoulder pattern has confirmed a secular bull market for at least the next 10 years. We are expecting a push higher as part of Wave C of 3. Fibonacci calculations are expecting at least a DJIA target of 21439 (ie 14150/21439 = 0.66).

We are going all in long!

Bulls and Bears, please post this on as many blogs as you can.

Note to bears, please highlight the rest of this post with your cursor:

We are NOT bullish, but as a contrarion we need to get the message out there that we bears have given up. If we keep telling everyone how bad the market is, Goldman and gang will continue to pump the markets higher. So lets all jump into a bull suit, and spread the bull propaganda! When you see the message above across Bloomberg, CNN, CNBC, etc, our mission is complete and the cataclysmic crash we expect is due.

Full cooperation is required especially from all webmasters (Tony Caldaro, Tim Knight, Guy Lerner, Corey Rosenbloom, Mish Shedlock). Do not forget to change the colour of the font of this section to blend in with the background so that it is completely invisible. If bulls are able to decipher this hidden message, our plan will fail and the Dow could go to 21439 with all the money printing!