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this week my wallet and passport was stolen out of my Japanese sleeping
pod, right now I'm having a bit of a problem finding a way home. To
make some extra cash to pay for a new passport the Colonel offered to
wrestle an orangutan at a nearby carnival.

The orangutan’s trainer was
offering 500 yen to anyone who could pin the animal. The match was
pretty brutal, and it was obvious early on that the Colonel didn't
stand a chance. Twenty minutes into the match he picked up a Japanese
folding chair and slammed the orangutan over the head. The trainer
immediately disqualified him, and refused to give him the 500 yen. To
make matters worse we actually had to pay another 2000 yen to replace
the chair.

logged on to my computer to see if I could wire money or something, the
ATM machines here have this crazy Japanese writing all over them and I
have no idea if I'm withdrawing money or playing a game of Pachinko.

online I checked out a few charts, and here is one that has been
keeping me on the long side the past week and a half. Worden's
 T2108 chart (which plots the percentage of stocks above their 40-day moving averages); is
telling me we have been very oversold, and I do not like to short when
this chart is below 20. This sucker even went below 10 on May 20th. I would really like this chart to get out of the oversold area before I start shorting heavily again.


sold most of my longs on Wednesday. Thursday/Friday, if we rally up above 1100 and hang out without breaching 1110 I might start getting some short