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Charts From The Comments (Friday Morning)

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Charts from the comments the Friday edition.

springheel_jack posted:

Very interesting chart of the oil sept futures for anyone interested.

drawn in the lower trendline yesterday morning but didn't post or trade
it because I was doubtful about oil dropping that low, but there were
some big moves yesterday & the lower trendline was hit.

the pattern holds for a while then we'll see oil drop a lot lower with
some really wild recoveries.


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I haven't been charting the 10yr really, but here's my take on 30yr


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Yazzer posted:

Summation Index getting truncated back downward – this was the thing I
was most afraid of before this last downdraft – it fizzled badly
though…the emperor has no clothes?


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facesincabs posted:

Banking rolling over …


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Here's another area I am watching to initiate another down leg …


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redvetttes has been stalking (COST). Here's a link to his chart.