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The La-Z-Boy Indicator

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One of the more dramatic drops in small cap stocks has been La-Z-Boy (LZB), having lost about 60% of its value in just a couple of months.

Today alone, LZB climbed over 10%, and it could have another 20-25% to go. But once this stock, and others like it, reach major resistance (tinted here in green), I think the market as a whole is going to resume its drop, except that it's going to be much more dramatic than before.


I have a very important personal celebration tonight, so this might be my last post today. I'll see you here in the morning!

Five Days. Fifty Percent Loss.

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I've met Elon Musk before. He's a cool guy, and an amazing entrepreneur (PayPal, Zip2, SpaceX, Tesla). And I've been to the Tesla showroom any number of times. The Tesla is a gorgeous, astonishing car.

But I wasn't even a little bit tempted to jump into the Tesla IPO last week. In the course of five days, there are investors (if we want to use such a term) that are already down 50% on their, errr, investment. Remember the old saw – IPO stands for It's Probably Overpriced.


Gap Fill Well Underway

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The bulls are finally having a day of their own, as the Dow rockets about 250 points higher. As usual, the volume is much heavier on down days (suggested by the green highlights below), and the gap created June 29 will soon be closed. For myself, I'm having a down day, losing a little more in percentage terms than the market overall. I have taken advantage of today's rise to add to my existing short positions.


Another Reason for Americans to Hate Soccer (by Nathaniel Goodwin)

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I just read an article explaining that illegal World Cup gambling
in Africa is the reason gaming stocks are down. LOL!

Well the World Cup will be over soon, and I’m thinking that
all gamblers around the world will be heading back to their favorite casinos
for some honest legal gambling.


Speaking of Africa, here is one of my favorite jams if you are bored by today's action.