How to Join in Comments

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I've been using computers for over 30 years, and in after so much time, it's easy to become insensitive to what seems easy and what seems hard when using these machines. Far too often I've heard folks who are lurkers (that is, people who read Slope but don't comment) that they don't know how to get into the comments section. Well, let me break it down for you……

First, look in the upper right corner of your browser. (UPDATE: it's been relocated to just ABOVE comments now; scroll down a bit; you'll see it!) See that red stripe? Click on Create Account:


A dialog box will appear. Tell the system your first name, last name, email, username, and password. Also make up a screen name. If you are Lindsay Lohan, but you don't want people to know you are here, you can use any screen name at all (LiLo will do nicely), so don't worry about using your real first and last names.



You'll get an email confirming you used a functioning address. Once you've done that, you can spruce up your account with an avatar or other information about yourself. Click on the Settings button in your now-proud-green (as opposed to shameful-red) bar in the upper right. (UPDATE again, it's just above comments now)



You can click on Profile, Picture, Notifications, Account, and Password to adjust any of those settings. The most important thing is your picture, since a default avatar suggests you are boring and uninteresting, and that certainly isn't the case, is it?



Lastly………..what's with all the military ranks? Well, those quickly show how (a) active and (b) well-liked a person is on Slope. A person who does a lot of posts and gets a lot of Likes gets a higher rank. When you're just starting out, you won't have any rank at all, but be a little active, and you'll be a commissioned officer in no time!

So join the conversation! It's what makes Slope great.