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618 Days Plus Timing (By

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From the March 09' low we are now 618 days into the future and 618 is a key number (.618% or 1.618%). Breaking it down further on the weekly chart we have 127 bars up from the same low and 127 is also a very important number 1.270%.

On the weekly there has been 888 days from the low. So if you take 888 and divide it by 127 you will get 6.99. Take that and square root it a few times and you will get to what? 127 and 127 is how many bars we have had up on the weekly so there is a cluster there on the 127 ratio.

If you break down to the daily chart we have had 618 bars up on 894 days. Also on the daily chart the TR or the Time Retrace is .01274. Notice how on the daily we get a time retrace of .01274 which is very close to the weekly chart numbers of 1.270. Also on the daily we have 7.8517 Ppb (points per bar). Take 7.8517 and divide by 618 and you get .0127 again!

All of these numbers came where? On the move down to symmetry support and we noted the levels ahead of time and none of the markets have closed below the support numbers. In fact, we had a 800 point bounce from the support levels.

We are not saying that the low holds 100% because who really knows for sure but there is a calculation here that we went over so you can do with it what you want. Going back on every major turning point there has been both time and price relevance.

Some people believe and some do not and we are not here to try to convince anyone of anything but we hope you can find some value along the way and apply it to your trading.

Happy Trading,

PS. We do have short term resistance from the last high on the 60 minute chart in both time and price as well but it is only 40% so it is not that great but it could get us back down to the 11,000. 

POTW: Just a Few Simple Words

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The Peeve Of The Week (POTW) is an occasional feature on Slope which allows me to (a) gripe about something which bugs me, whether justified or not (b) put up a post when there's nothing in particular I want to say about the market. In spite of its moniker, the POTW may or may not shown up weekly. In any event, here's a new entry:

I recognize English isn't the easiest of languages. Because of its heritage, English has many quirks and ungainly rules, and I'm sure I make plenty of grammatical mistakes in the course of my life.

However, if English is your first language (and, if so, it's almost certainly your only language), it shouldn't be that hard to know how to spell some commonly-used words. In addition, it shouldn't be that hard to understand that some words have homonyms, and knowing the spelling and definition of these will prove to others you are an educated, capable member of our society.

Let's look at a few common problem areas:

+ their/there/they're – their is a possessive pronoun ("The paper I am holding provides their positive STD results.") There is most commonly related to placement ("I put my used tissues right over there.") they're is a contraction for "they are" ("They're morons, because they don't visit Slope on a daily basis).

+ it's/its – I'm really not sure how often I have to repeat this to make it known, but the first word is a contraction ("It's a shame Tim has to keep reminding some people of what they should have learned in the third grade.") while the second is a possessive pronoun ("That house is in such sorry shape that its shingles are blowing off in the breeze.")

+ loose/lose – Gosh, these aren't even homonyms, yet people get them confused. "Loose" is a condition of non-tightness (AJC leaps to mind). "Lose" is the opposite of "win". Think Charlie Sheen.

There are many others, but this is a good start. Watch yourself in the comments section; you don't want people to pile on you for stumbling over any of these fundamentals.