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Dead In Its Tracks

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Well, the Bernanke speech came out, and although the market reaction is only 15 minutes old as I am typing this, perhaps –  unlike Jackson Hole – the disappoint will stick this time.



What's incredibly interesting to me – – and this warrants close examination on your part – – is that the expected continuation of the market's rise (indicated by the regularly-placed green arrows) seems to have stopped dead in its tracks. The market should have pushed higher for several more weeks. Instead, the rise has been truncated.

Something's up. And it isn't the market.

Mixed Morning

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Thanks to a late night last night, I had a late start this morning. When I fired up my screen, I was pleased to see the Euro and equity markets down (I'm doing this post before I've even had a chance to see what's going on news-wise, but Slopers come first).

On the one hand, this steaming poo was waiting for me in my email's in-box:

And on the other, the Euro was seriously breaking down technically:


I think the good news of the Euro's breakdown trumped any bad feelings I might have had from a piece of hate mail. You should remember this is the kind of thing you have to deal with from time to time if you ever decide to dare offer an opinion in public!

The funny thing is that Mr. Sunshine apparently subscribes to my daily email feed. Speaking for myself, I don't subscribe to emails even from people that I like, let alone people with whom I disagree. I guess time weighs more heavily on some people's hands than others.

I've got to get ready for the trading day, so I'll see ya in an hour or two.