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Greek Referendum Plunge (by Springheel Jack)

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There's little appetite for austerity in Greece, as we've all been seeing from the intermittent riots over the last few months. The Greeks announced yesterday that they would be putting the latest Euro bailout and greek partial default plan to a referendum and obviously the plan may get rejected. I have found no date for this proposed referendum looking round this morning, so this bump on the road may affect markets for quite a while yet.

Kudos to my friend Alphahorn for calling the high and going in heavily short there. He's given me permission to post his current primary count after yesterday's bearish break and he is expecting new lows from here on that count:


Europe: Just Give Up, You Ninnies

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When will I stop being scared of these ass-clowns?

Last week, the big, bad Euro-saviors, incarnated as Blubber-Butt Merkel and Big-Nose Sarkozy, "saved" Europe the 17th time with a trllion-dollar bailout fund. The green below shows how much of an impact was made, and how long it lasted.


When will we learn? When will I learn? Everything they do will fail. Everything that Benjamin (Shh! Shalom! Stay politically correct and don't mention you-know-what!) Bernanke is going to do will fail. They are painted into a corner and, temporary bursts higher aside, are going to have to face reality sooner or later.

I'm glad I don't have a single long position. 70 shorts, and ready for a new day.