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Is A Top Near?

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It is never a good idea to front run the market, but of late all the actions have been when the markets are closed. It is the easiest and cheapest way to jack up the market. Push up the futures in pre-market and the retail simply chases the rally.  Only the Banksters and uber rich with high margin future accounts can take play this game. You and I will just suck the wind. In such a situation, the only way to profit is to preempt their moves. That is why it becomes so import to find the top and bottom. There are risks associated with such moves and the stops have to be really tight. Calling a top or bottom is against the trend and chances are I am always ahead of time. So be very careful and use your own judgement. Please send your comments if you find something different.


Let Justice Be Done

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I have been writing this blog for seven long years. During that time, this blog has stood for what matters to me as a person: truth, logic, justice, and reason.

The America I grew up with has already been destroyed, and we are witnessing a world whose leaders are slapping coat after coat of whitewash on a situation that will absolutely lead to global ruination and, thereafter, recalibration. The world's population, 99% of which stews in a cauldron of ignorance or apathy, allows more wood to be thrown onto the fire beneath with the misplaced hope that everything will, in the end, turn out fine, just like on their favorite SitCom.

This isn't a SitCom. It's a tragicomedy. And, month by month, week by week, day by day, and tick by tick, we are watching it unfold.

I say what I have said a thousand times – – if everything had simply been allowed to do what it naturally needed to do back in 2008, the entire world would already been healing, and I'd probably be as obnoxiously bullish as I am currently bearish.

Instead, wholly artificial means have been force-fed to the world, meaning that (a) the necessary pain has been delayed, not denied; (b) the eventual pain will be an order of magnitude higher than it needed to be in the first place.

I write this now, merely because the past couple of hours encapsulates what I'm talking about. On the one hand is the 727th bailout of this year being announced, forcing equities and the Euro to explode skyward. This is the hand of artifice.

On the other hand is the mere rumor of a change by S&P in its disposition toward the large European countries – – not even a downgrade, but just a move to "credit watch" – – swiftly laid waste to much of these gains. This is the hand of truth, and, in this instance, it's a tiny, tiny hand.

I believe with every fiber of my being that, in the end, justice will prevail and the world's economies will be forced to endure the horrible pain they must endure in order to become normal, natural, and real again. Free enterprise is what I embrace, and what we are living through now sickens me.

I want the change to come now, but we are powerless to make things happen any faster. We can only watch as the Merkels of the world – – – and the Yellens of the United States – – – continue with their insufferable meddling, allowing the pernicious disease to spread and get stronger.

And so we watch, and we wait. And we try to survive, if not prosper, while we do so. Watch yourselves. The market is getting more dangerous with each passing day.