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Mass Media Mantra: “Stocks are Cheap!”

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In this lifetime, 99.5% of the people talking about equities have a vested interest in assets being bid higher. Being bullish is just what everyone does. It's the realm of normal. The bastion of the masses.

Usually it works. But just keep in mind that all the articles you are seeing about how cheap stocks are is hardly an – – umm – – objective viewpoint.

Just try to find the mass media warning you about how overpriced stocks were in early 2000 or mid-2007. That's a dry hole. And, to that point, I offer the value-priced CRM:


Retracement, Interrupted? (by Springheel Jack)

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A very annoying feature of this move up since the December 19th low is that the retracements have been shallow and, mainly in consequence, no strong support trendlines have formed. This was looking very good to be the first decent retracement this year, with a clear target trendline in the 1275-85 SPX area (depending when it was reached) combined with a pullback on EURUSD that also looks overdue.

I posted an ES chart on twitter last night that showed the ideal setup there and that was on the 15min chart below:

120130-I ES 15min HS Setup