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An Odd Divergence on Unemployment Data

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Data released today shows that the unemployment rate continues to rise in Canada, while it declines in the U.S., as shown on the graphs below.

I'd imagine that will affect cross-border shopping as it means that more Americans should be purchasing Canadian goods and fewer Canadians purchasing American goods, particularly as the USD/CAD currency is trading around parity. Perhaps the Canadian government's austerity measures are working to the detriment of employment, as they enforce policies to eliminate the budget deficit by 2015. With the expected softening of global growth for 2012, I don't see that number improving for the foreseeable future.

US Dollar Weakness Examined (by Springheel Jack)

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I haven't much to add to my ES & SPX charts from yesterday here so I'm going to concentrate on other things today. Support is still at Monday's low and resistance is still at last Thursday's high so a break of either with any confidence should deliver the next significant move. I was asked yesterday whether in effect I was saying that a break higher should be followed by more upside, and that a break lower should be followed by more downside, and that is exactly what I'm saying here, and is a good description of any setup confined between strong support and resistance levels. Obviously we are a lot closer to resistance than support here at the moment.


Interesting Euro Reaction

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As you well know by now, the jobs report blew away expectations, and the NQ and ES both went for the moon. Normally the Euro more or less follows the direction of U.S. equities, but in a fascinating switch-off, the Euro flipped down and is actually down a reasonable amount in the face of a huge equity rally. (The Euro, shown below, is in blue; notice the strong correlation until the report came out).


My faith in the Euro as the "short of 2012" is strengthened all the more.