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Bull Dung Droppings………………..Evil Plan 51.0 (by BDI)

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(Note: I don't make a habit of editing guest contributions, but the photo of a giant bull turd right here was just a bit much! Sorry, BDI!)

Well, my fellow Slope-a-Dopes, looks like I finally found shelter from the storm, and may have gotten my mojo back. As per EP 47.0, it's mainly raining cds cats & dog bonds in Spain, with sustained 55 mph sovereign yield winds, accompanied by severe credit default gusts blowing through the roof.  Meanwhile, the barometric pressure on the XRT (retail ETF) is indeed iDroping while I was out iShoping, as per EP 49.0.  

Perhaps Batman & Robin, alias Flabby Moolah & his side kick Googley, will now cut me some slack moving forward, somehow I doubt it though. My fair weather friends Clint, COT & Ryans can apologize to me later, and Flybaby can suck on my you know what. Oh, and regarding that hostile banana peel throwing chimp, blow me you deranged baboon!  By the way Tyler Durden, feel free to use any past EP's to prop up your waning traffic at ZH, and sorry the current edition is strictly off limits to you, exclusive to SOH for a 24 hour exhibition period.  All in good fun dopes.

On a more serious, and most inspiring note, I am pleased to announce that my favorite market condition has finally materialized. It's not often that Macros, Fundamentals, & Technicals all line up impeccably, each pointing in precisely the same ominous direction. The dry bull dung is now perfectly arranged in neat stacks of cow patty piles, just in time for the ferocious shit storm bearing down on us.  Heads up, get out of the way!  The aging raging bull is about to take another massive dump.


Money Flow for April Week One

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Further to my last weekly market update, here is a summary of where money flow ended for Week 1 of April, 2012 (which was a short week because of the holiday on Good Friday).

The Weekly charts below of YM, ES, NQ & TF show that they all closed lower than the prior week on a bearish engulfing candle (which is a warning that further downside movement may be forthcoming on this weekly timeframe). Both the YM & TF have now closed below the uptrending channel, the ES closed just inside, and the NQ closed above the channel. Because these e-mini futures markets were open until 9:15am Friday morning, and because they all dropped considerably at 8:30am after the jobs and unemployment reports were released, this Weekly candle's close contains this drop…this drop won't, however, be reflected in these e-mini's Major Indices counterparts since these markets were closed.