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Day of Reckoning

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Good morning, beloved Slopers.

I remain short the market (surprise!) with a eye-watering 71 positions, none of them large. These constitute a 58.21% commitment, with the rest of my portfolio in cash. If we can chip away some market strength today, I'm happy to goose things up to about two-thirds committed with maybe a large ETF or two.

I was just glancing at the VIX, and it struck me how the Fed's suppression of market realities might have its days numbered. Checking SocialTrade last night, I noticed this really cool chart illustrating that the amount of the Fed's market fakery is measurable – – 220 S&P points (or over 2,000 points on the Dow).

It's impossible to tell when the turn will take place, but if the past few years are any guide, an explosive move higher in the VIX (indicating a plunge in equity prices simultaneously) doesn't seem far off.


Oh, one final note - When I read that the police force of Camden, NJ was being disbanded, I was reminded of this review of Days of Destruction, Days of Revolt  I wrote this summer. Things are unraveling faster than I anticipated.

Resistance Tests (by Springheel Jack)

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I was explaining yesterday morning that the setups and statistics for this week meant that the ball was with the bears at the start of this week, and it's starting to look as though they immediately dropped it. This might just be another pre-retracement bounce but the odds have definitely been shifting in the bulls' favor into this morning:

I was saying yesterday morning on twitter that if we were to see a bounce on TRAN then the obvious target would be at declining resistance from the high, which would be the resistance trendline on a 55% bullish broadening descending wedge. If we see that hit today, and at the moment that looks more likely than not, then we would probably see some resistance there regardless, but the larger move would be either to break up or to reverse back down into wedge support. A break over followed by a strong reversal down would look like a bearish overthrow that might well then precede a larger break downwards. This is an important chart to watch today: