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Crude Down

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Well, folks, it's eerily quiet. I'm a creature of habit, and having the market closed today (and, I'm hearing, tomorrow) is definitely wrecking my routine. On a brighter note, it's allowing me to get a lot of things done for which I normally wouldn't have the time.

Until our dear friend the stock market is permitted to re-open (and, I will say in passing, if Jack Welch thought the jobs numbers were fudged before, he must be having conniptions at the fact that they are delaying this Friday's jobs report!), it's going to be a bit slow in the financial blogosphere. In passing, I'll mention that I'm pleased crude oil is slipping lower. The "easy" target is in yellow, and the more aggressive measured move is tinted in green.


Thus completes my completely gratuitous entry! You may now return to your regularly-scheduled superstorm.

Hurricane Sandy (by Springheel Jack)

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A very unusual day today as Hurricane Sandy is closing all New York markets for the day, including futures outside Globex hours. Today is effectively therefore a forced market holiday, so I'll just do a quick post for the futures traders and as an advance on tomorrow, though markets may well be closed for the same reason tomorrow of course. 

ES is trickling down a support trendline on the 60min. Support there is at 1393.25 this morning and if it continues to trickle down it can reach strong support at 1388 on this trendline tomorrow:


The Glass Eye of Sandy

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Well, this sucks out loud. I would normally be looking forward to a rocking and rolling day on the markets, with the ES presently down 10 and the NQ down 22. It seems Mother Nature had different plans.

I've already started a list of things I can do around the house today, because God knows I can't stand being bored (this is probably why I had twenty published books by the time I graduated from college; idle time doesn't sit well with me). From everything I've seen, the stock markets are going to be completely shuttered today, and maybe even tomorrow, which means we have an unexpectedly long weekend on our hands.

I'll probably do a few posts, because I certainly have a lot of trading ideas, but you can probably expect things to be Sunday-quiet around these parts until the markets re-open.