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Tiring of “Uncle Warren” – A Follow-Up (by Mark St.Cyr)

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Usually any posts or articles I write more or less run in line with
Ron Popeil’s famous line of “Set it and forget it.” However this last
post had me thinking later in the evening.

One of the site’s I contribute on a regular basis (
posted my article “Uncle Warren” later that evening. The host of the
site Tim Knight of Prophet® charts fame who also owns, and runs the
renowned Slope of Hope financial blog (which by the way is one of the
webs best financial blog communities to be found on the web anywhere)
recently made a statement he personally was no longer writing any
articles of disagreement that were ad hominem-style attacks in nature. The more I
though about the article; the more irked I became at myself. Almost as
much as I was when writing about the subject matter. Which bugged me
even more.


The Bernanke Kaput

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ka·put: Broken and useless; no longer working and effective.

I’ve always been of the opinion that charts speak louder
than words.  Here are a few of the most recent US economic reports,
which really don’t need much of an explanation or technical expertise to
decipher.  The longer they bid the market up on the belief that
QEternity and the Bernanke Put Kaput will lift the stock
market forever, the larger the disconnect between equity prices and the
underlying economic fundamentals becomes.  The larger this disconnect
gets, the more powerful the reversion to the mean will be once it
finally manifests.  Have a nice weekend.

Randy Phinney,

Economic reports 11-30-12