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OK – So Now What? (by Mark St.Cyr)

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If you’re reading this logic dictates all the Mayan apocalyptic
prognosticators for what ever their reasoning – are proven wrong. The
CYA  (cover their butts) reasoning they’ll use to justify why will make
politicians sit back stunned thinking: “Man, get him/her on my staff.
That’s genius!”

This should stand alone as a reminder to all of us that no one – and I
mean no one – knows what tomorrow will bring. Life is a game of chance.
Every single part of it has no guarantee. We might make the best of
plans, but life is littered with examples of the best laid plans going
bad. All you can do – is do your best. Nothing more.

Sometimes the chips have a life of their own. However you should view
the game of life as just that – a game. A serious game, but none the
less – the greatest game available ever to be played. All life asks is
that you “suit up” nothing more.


Money Flow for December Week Three (by SB)

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Further to my last weekly market update, this week's update will look

  • 6 Major Indices
  • 9 Major Sectors
  • Index/Volatility Ratio Charts
  • 30-Year Bonds
  • U.S. $

6 Major Indices

Inasmuch as today (Friday) was a Quadruple Options
Expiration, I'm showing the following chartgrid, where each candle
represents a 1-month options expiration period
. You can see that the
current candle, which closed today, basically, bounced at/near the mid-Bollinger
Band. Price is stuck within a sideways range and is at/near major resistance.