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The Five-Thousand Dollar Mouse Click

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Well, today's "action" on the market – – if you want to call it that – – hasn't changed anything I have to say one iota, so instead of wasting my time and yours re-hashing what I've said so many times recently, I will share with you my painful tale from this morning. It sucks out loud, but I've built an audience by being open, so here we go:

1226-tacksYesterday was, of course, Christmas, and my family hosted a banquet here for the extended family. It went from 1 in the afternoon until past 10 at night, and everything went smoothly. Lots of food, folks, and fun – – sort of like McDonald's, except with much better cuisine and less risk of diabetes.

Since I went to bed late (for me, at least) for two nights in a row, I failed to get up automatically at 5:30 a.m. as I usually do. I actually woke up at 5:15, glanced at the clock, went to sleep again, and woke up at 6:51.